Teyana Taylor Reveals How To Get The Perfect Shape

Teyana Taylor sent the internet into a frenzy when she stared in Kanye West's video for his single "Fade". Both men and women were amazed at how well Taylor's body looked after giving berth. After being swarmed with workout inquires, Taylor decided to release a workout routine titled Fade2Fit, so that more ladies would be [...]

Victoria reveals a “Secret” about their popular swimsuit line

The #1 lingerie company in the world, Victoria's Secret, has just updated the world with a surprising secret about their sexy swim line. According to Buzzfeed, the company mentioned instead of their famous catalog update, they are focusing on bringing back their usual, except they forgot to mention one thing, their swimwear line. In August of 2015, their swimwear's line profit decreased tremendously [...]

Success In How You Dress

Exams are approaching which means late night studying, rolling out of bed last minute to throw on a pair of sweats, a tee-shirt (they might be clean if you're lucky), and the closest pair of shoes you can find. Little do we know, not LOOKING good equals not FEELING good. However, there is no scientific information [...]