As the producer of this piece, I want the audience to understand its purpose. This beat represents the notion of life and how it is “dysfunktionl”. Throughout life, we have a series of pleasant and unpleasant events. This concept is conveyed through the usage of on/off beats. In the midst of all the odd beats, we try our hardest to find an ounce of good, that can possibly carry us through the darkness. We believe and try to to keep faith that better days are coming. We should not focus on particular goods and bads, but concentrate on life as a whole. A friend recently taught me how people forget about Genesis 2:9. There were two trees: good/evil and life. Both trees represent a different route a person can take in life. I personally ask that you centralize your focus on life. Do not distract yourself with the notions of good and bad. Do not focus on the moments that are off beat because the beat is still there, just not how you 

    The logistics of this piece are extremely crucial to help understand its meaning. The deep noise of the organ intertwines with the sound of light hip-hop. This concoction of sounds creates a musical bliss. It captivates your whole entire body. Each beat pulls you out of your own abyss into this musical enlightenment. Instinctively, some rhythmical force moves your head back and forth. Your mouth opens ready to spit a sublime verse. It is in that moment the music and its listener become one. 

        In the beginning, the smooth and dreamy notes help mold this piece. There is a couple of moments where the music sounds off beat, or as if it is missing something that should make it whole. It makes your brain search for the unknown. This offness is intentionally producing a constant stream of scenes, which quietly bombard your mind. This beat lulls your subconscious to create images of things you have experienced, will never experience, or may about to experience. Even when dreaming things are not what they appear. They are unusual and maybe taboo. Some call them nightmares, night terrors, or demons. Therefore, do not let the eccentric notes distance yourself from the piece. Instead, appreciate the erratic pattern. This enables you to fully understand the concept of Dysfunktionl. So give it a spin and vibe with it!