Lil B Lifts His Curse On James Harden

For years, Rapper Lil B has held a curse on The Houston Rockets' James Harden. The "curse" has caused James Harden to have playoff runs that end not in his favor.  After a bad season finale against the Spurs, Lil B offered James Harden an opportunity to talk about lifting the curse. Though the two [...]

Lil B Wants To Lift The Curse On James Harden

The "Curse" that Lil B put on James Harden, continued to stick with Harden Thursday night as the Spurs ended the series to the Rockets, 114 to 75. The Based God says, now, he's ready to lift the curse.  Lil B placed a curse on James Harden because Harden did not acknowledge the "Cooking" celebration [...]