Queen Bey’s Top 5 Albums

36 year old pop star Beyonce Knowles has a very successful career and without a doubt more to come. With the recent birth of her twins, you would think she’d be off her game, but she’s still on fire. On September 4th, a queen was born and in honor of Queen Bey’s birthday, here are the rankings of her top 5 best albums.

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Guess Who Made the Cut for DJ Khaled’s New Album

If you so happen to follow DJ Khaled on Twitter or Snapchat, then you’ve been hearing all about his brand new album Grateful, that his son Asahd Khaled is executive producing. Khaled have been announcing “The vocals are in,” and whenever he says those words, there’s an artist name attached to it. Those names are the list of people who are supposedly featured on Khaled’s 10th album. However, that’s not everyone, but it’s a few that are definitely confirmed – take a look.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Expecting Their Second and Third Child

Today, Beyonce took to Instagram to announce that she is pregnant once again. And this time, it seems to be a set of twins. 

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Jay Z and Beyonce’s Joint Album

A joint album by the legendary couple has been rumored for years. In 2014, Skee announced that the album by Bey and Jay was on the way. It has been speculated for years now but the album everyone has been waiting for may become a reality.

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