Review: PG Ra Released the Best Project in South Carolina So Far This Year

South Carolina has been creating a lot of buzz in the world of music, athletes and entertainment these last years. PG Ra has maintained a spot at the forefront of music during the state’s surge to prominence.

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JAY-Z 4:44 Review 

2017 has been a great year for music. We have seen releases from hip hops biggest stars such as Kendrick Lamar, Drake, J. Cole, 2 Chainz and a host of newcomers that have graced us with their musical presence. Out of all the releases this year they all will be eclipsed by the God MC himself JAY-Z. 

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FUTURE Album Review

Future is back with his self titled fifth album . Announced three days prior to its release alongside the announcement of a mega summer tour that includes Migos, Tory Lanez, Kodak Black and others included to show up on certain dates. The Future Hive went into a frenzy on the internet. This album coming off the heels of major successes in 2015 and 2016. He went back to the winning formula that includes quotable lines and super savage verses that his fans have grown to appreciate. 

Out of the gates he hits you with “Rent Money” where the most stolen line on instagram will be “I just fucked a rapper bitch I should diss you!”. This song goes amongst his great intro songs such as “Thought It Was a Drought” and “Ain’t No Time” off of “DS2” and “EVOL”, respectively. Next there are the Metro Boomin produced heaters “Mask Off” and “Scrape” that makes us remember why Future is such a staple in the streets. “Mask Off” is so magical that you literally have to repeat the song again once it goes off.

“Scrape” was the first song that stuck out to me on my initial listen and it moves me every time it starts. Future has not let us down since 2015 when he went on a mixtape run almost as legendary as Lil Wayne did in the mid to late 2000s. Everything he touches is golden and this is another trophy in his hall of fame collection. From the intro to the outro this is a great album and will definitely be in heavy rotation this year.
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