Cash Her Outside… the Breakfast Club

By now everyone is familiar with Danielle Bregoli (the cash me outside girl). Her recent claim to fame came after her comical appearance on the Dr Phil show. Since the show she has become an internet sensation, but how long will her buzz last. 

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‘Refugees Welcome’ Hung on Statue of Liberty

According to the New York AP, the National Park Service is trying to figure out who hung a giant banner on the Statue of Liberty that read “Refugees Welcome.”

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So is Donnie Boy gonna utter straight falsehoods for four years? (Video)

Where is the breaking point where we actually hold the leader of the free world accountable for the things he says? From continuously referring to anything negative that is said about him as “fake news” to his staff coining the term “alternative facts”

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[MIXTAPE] Slimeball 2 by Young Nudy

Young Nudy is a young and upcoming rapper out of Atlanta, Georgia who has just released a sequel mixtape for ‘Slimeball.’ Young Nudy has consigns from 21 Savage, Juicy J, and Metro Boomin’ with most of the production done by Pierre Bourne. Check out the Mixtape below. 

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