“SMALLtalk” Mixtape Review 

Choosing the title “SMALLtalk” is clearly an understatement when it comes to this 8 track Mixtape. The Detroit Native, Detroit Ché, takes us on a journey through her own personal forest. As she climbs and pushes through the branches of society, the fakes, and her own community with […]

“Painting The City Red” Mixtape Review 

Monte’s volume one mixtape, “Painting The City Red” delivers the listeners a strong Detroit hip hop feel, embodying the perspective living day to day in the Motor City. The 24 year old artist uses the color “Red” to depict aggression, passion, and revealing the city’s breaking point towards […]

“Social Rehab” Mixtape Review 

The 23 year old music artist from Atlanta, Georgia does not disappoint when it comes down to this 11 track mixtape hosted by DJ Noize. First and for most, Joe Da Pro’s production was very blissful. I myself enjoyed the harmonization throughout the structure of the mixtape.

“Best Rapper Alive” Mixtape Review 

Obtaining the opportunity to listen to Teezy Da God’s 16 track mixtape, “Best Rapper Alive” lives up to its title. From the “The Prodigy Intro” descending towards “Homegrown Goody”, overtook me on a lyrical journey where the 23 year old emcee delivered bar after bar. Shapely repositioning wordplay […]

Listen to Demons by Palm Tree T and Tariq

Palm Tree T, aka Zach Steeze called upon his teammate, Tariq for a surprise Halloween track. The two are a part of TTO,  a group of artists reigning out of Rock Hill, SC along with Spartanburg native, Tariq. A track by the group has been long awaited by […]