Listen to Under Pressure 2

Spartanburg music group, Pressure Entertainment drops a sequel to their compilation tape, Under Pressure. Under Pressure 2 contains all original tracks with lots of versatility from each artist. Pressure Entertainment has built a solid foundation in Spartanburg, SC and is continuing to build on their reputation. Check out […]

Listen to Menace II Society: The Clan Compilation

Meet The Clan, a collection of versatile artists even outside of music. The Clan includes, EazyBuddy, Pre$to, Don Smooth, Brianna IAmShe, Terence Enn, A$tronaut Scott, Aye Ammo, and TopFlightRento. The tape hits multiple aspects of rap and even includes a guest appearance from UFC fighter, Justin Scoggins. Take […]

Watch Snoop Dog’s and Lil Duval’s Video for “Hit ‘Em With The Shoulders”

If you aren’t following Lil Duval on Instagram or Snapchat, you should do that as soon as possible. Lil Duval started his own movement with the Hit Em With The Shoulders Challenge, and it has now made its way onto becoming a song and a video. Check out […]

Jetlag Predictions: Heisman Trophy

Sports fans are anxious as football season is now upon us. The NFL preseason has gotten an unfortunate late start, and college football season is only a few weeks away. As the season gets ready to kick off, the biggest question for NCAA football is, who will win […]

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