Apple’s Next Headphones Could Double as Speakers

Apple is developing technology that turns your headphones into portable speakers, a new patent reveals. The patent, which was filed in May 2011 and granted earlier this week, describes special sensors on the speakers that activate “speaker mode” when the headphones are placed in a specific position. The […]

Big Sean Discusses His House Being Robbed, Kendrick Lamar Not Out-rapping Him on Control, and Suicidal Thoughts

Big Sean is a decade deep in the rap game, and with all his newfound success he’s experienced some good and crazy moments during his career. The Detroit rapper stopped by The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM this morning to discuss his fourth album, “I Decided”. He revealed how […]

Migos Drops Dab of Ranch

The song the world has been waiting on has finally dropped. Migos had a video go viral introducing their own branch of the chips called “Rap Snacks” with Quavo making a jingle for the snack. After the jingle became a internet sensation, the Migos decided to make the […]

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