Changing of the Guard: My Top Ten Quarterbacks of 2016


The start of the 2016 NFL season is going to see a changing of the guard at the Quarterback position. The season will be the first season since the 1997 season to start without both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. After winning Super Bowl 50, Manning decided to retire from the NFL as a Super Bowl Champion. In contrast, Tom Brady will start the season serving a four game suspension due to his role in the infamous “deflategate.” With arguably two of the best Quarterbacks in NFL history not playing in week one, the Quarterback position is set to be quite different this season. Who are the best? Without including Tom Brady, here are my top ten NFL quarterbacks for this upcoming season. 

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The Big Fundamental is Done Teaching: Tim Duncan Announces His Retirement

Longtime Spurs Power Forward Tim Duncan announced his retirement from the NBA earlier today. He retires with five championships, two NBA MVPs, and 15 All-star game appearances on his resume.

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NBA Free Agency: Best and Worst Deals

To everyone’s surprise, this years’ NBA Free Agency has been the most publicized and scrutinized free agency period in recent memory. This is largely due to the fact that several NBA players have received incredibly large sums of money, even though their career production may not have warranted their increase in salaries. But what are the worst deals made in this years’ free agency? What are the best? Who overpaid? Here are my best and worst deals of the NBA offseason (so far).

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Marcus Lattimore’s “The Xtra-Inch Xperience” Youth Camp

Marcus Lattimore is well known and beloved name nationally for his talent on the football field and an even more loved in the state of South Carolina and in his home town. Marcus Lattimore is loved for being a great person with a huge heart and willing to be the most helpful person possible.

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LISTEN: Off, Off, Off by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is back at it again with a song dedicated to a sports team or a player. Lil Wayne drops “Off, Off, Off” as a dedication to the Cleveland Cavaliers and their finals run this year. Lil Wayne has dropped similar records such as “Green and Yellow” dedicated to the Green Bay Packers, and “Kobe Bryant” which is pretty self explanatory. Check out the track below. 

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