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Pre-Season Predictions: NFL Honors

With the NFL season right around the corner, the Jetlag staff decided to take a stab at predicting some of the NFL superlatives for the upcoming season. Continue reading “Pre-Season Predictions: NFL Honors”

NBA 2k18 Will Feature All-Time Teams

For the first time in video game history, 2k18 will feature all-time teams composed of the greatest players in each team's history.

Which franchise do you believe will have the greatest all-time team?

Kyrie Irving: The Clueless ‘Superstar’

Kyrie Irving is a man of many things, to some the “Best point guard in the league” and to other the closest thing we have to the great Kobe Bryant as far as “killer instinct” and “Mamba Mentality” are concerned. He’s the ย star point guard for the dysfunctional Cleveland Cavaliers, an Olympic gold medalist, a former Duke standout, and above all else NBA Champion. Continue reading “Kyrie Irving: The Clueless ‘Superstar’”

The Official 2k18 Tracklist has been Revealed

This year’s 2k will feature music from Kendrick Lamar, Lil Uzi Vert, Dave East, and even Dame D.o.l.l.a to name a few. NBA 2k has been known for having some of the best video game tracklists over the years, and has no plans of slowing down.  Continue reading “The Official 2k18 Tracklist has been Revealed”

OJ Simpson Has Been Granted Parole, and Could Be Released In October

After a hearing, July 20th, OJ Simpson has been granted parole and could be released from prison as soon as October 1, 2017.  Continue reading “OJ Simpson Has Been Granted Parole, and Could Be Released In October”

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