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20 Of The Best Songs Named After NBA Players

One of the most interesting seasons in the NBA is coming to a close. With a crazy off-season, a few unexpected rookie talents ermerging, and a playoff ranking that not many expected, there still holds one truth—The NBA and Hip-Hop are synonomous in many ways.

Anthony Davis is the MVP of the league (yes, that means he is better than James Harden)

Anthony Davis is the greatest college basketball player I have ever seen. I’ve never witnessed an individual player impact the game on defense as much he did during his championship run at Kentucky.

Who Is He: Micah Parsons

Get to know Micah Parsons. School: Penn State Position: LB Height: 6’3″ Weight: 235 lbs. Year: High School Senior Hometown: Harrisonburg, Pennsylvania Stats this Season (12 games): 27 Rushing TDs 42 Solo Tackles 9.5 Sacks From college to high school, Micah Parsons is still a high school senior, […]

Hold your criticism; Tom Brady is still the GOAT

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lost Superbowl 52 to the Philadelphia Eagles led by backup QB Nick Foles who soared over the Belicheck led defense the entire night. The Patriots may have lost but make no mistake about it, the GOAT should receive zero blame for […]

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