Ranking The Best ‘First Day Out’ Tracks

Gucci Mane has created a culture for rap artists who have gone to jail and come back into the rap game with his ‘First Day Out’ track. Rappers from Chief Keef, to Tee Grizzly have formed their own rendition of “First Day Out.” Jetlag has decided to rank the best First Day Out of jail tracks.  Continue reading “Ranking The Best ‘First Day Out’ Tracks”

Golden State Warriors Agree Unanimously to Decline White House Visit

For years college and professional championship winners have been awarded a visit to the White House. Although the offer is almost a once in a life time chance, not everyone is interested.  Continue reading “Golden State Warriors Agree Unanimously to Decline White House Visit”

20 Old School Hip-Hop Songs to Bump to

Hip-Hop is something that is very influential. It began in the 1970s as an underground urban movement in the South Bronx of New York. Today, hip-hop has a completely different sound than it did over a decade ago, and we here at Jetlag decided to give you 20 hits to recap the essence of hip-hop in an old school era.  Continue reading “20 Old School Hip-Hop Songs to Bump to”

5 of Rihanna’s Most Iconic Red Carpet Looks

If you’ve been following Rihanna for the past decade then you know it’s in her nature to steal the show with her amazing wardrobe. Not only does she manage to get Best Dressed every time, but she leaves the world still talking about her ensemble months after. Anyone who is anyone that’s into fashion, is a fan of Rihanna’s versatile looks — follow along as we recap the top five reasons why: Continue reading “5 of Rihanna’s Most Iconic Red Carpet Looks”

Wednesday Wisdom

2017 = stop wasting their time! Stop trying to be a savage, stop trying to be a player, and stop wasting time. There are relationships where one of the partners wants to get married and the other doesn’t. Sometimes these people aren’t honest with each other or true to themselves, and just keep holding on to nothing. 

The main thing here is to just be honest. If you are with someone and you do not want to marry them you should move on. Let them be free to find the person they are supposed to be with. 

People often end up with “baby mommas and baby daddys” when they aren’t honest with themselves and the person they are with.

There are good women and men wasting time, effort, and resources on people that just do not want to be in a marriage. If you don’t want to be married it’s ok and it’s your decision but also let the person you are with know and make sure they understand your stance on the situation up front. Lots of times people get too attached in the beginning and they ignore the signs that they are with someone that does not want to be married.