Teenage Fever Review

In this time of quarantine, we found ourselves in a relatively new, awkward world. 2020 has been a strange year for us all but in this bizarre era; I’ve located many new music artists that have touched my ear with the profound graces of their lyrics. Lyrically venting about the hardships that correlate with the teenage years, I stumbled upon this 19-year-old artist from Dallas, Texas that cued my excessive use of the repeat button. This artist sang about love, acceptance, maintaining distance from others for her protection, alongside the developed isolation that connects with music success in her ending teenage epoch. Kaash Paige self-reflects on her debut album, Teenage Fever.

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Review: PG Ra Released the Best Project in South Carolina So Far This Year

South Carolina has been creating a lot of buzz in the world of music, athletes and entertainment these last years. PG Ra has maintained a spot at the forefront of music during the state’s surge to prominence.

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Music Review: Mac Miller- Circles

Mac Miller’s star-studded, fifth studio album, Swimming was equipped with pivotal vocals that showcased Miller’s impactful songwriting. Swimming addressed the struggles that the young rapper faced while striving to locate stability within his own psychological growth. Special thank you to Jon Brion for his progression in concluding the album. As a companion to Swimming, Mac Miller blesses listeners with his first posthumous album, Circles

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Fever is the official album for Summer 2k19 & Album of the Year already

First of all, let me to say this…. this album fucking SLAPS. Thee Stallion capitalized off her growing popularity beautifully giving stallions and hot girls everywhere an album they can let ride from beginning to end at every single function this summer and summers years after 2019.

This was Megan’s coming out party. This is her Invasion of Privacy, her Pink Friday, this was her moment to drop 63 in the Garden like MJ in 86′ and she delivered fourteen straight times. Maybe it’s just the initial shock and the initial feelings that the album gave me, but Fever is the greatest debut album I’ve heard from not just a female rapper but from any rapper period (#FREEJT).


Hot Girl Meg’s intelligent lyrics are matched with great production and two awesome features from Da Baby and Juicy J. The Juicy J feature on Simon Says will have hotties from all across the world throwing it back from now until homecoming season and Cash Shit featuring Da Baby will be on the radio every hour on the hour.

Fever is a love letter to Houston, to Houston hip hop. She pays homage to Pimp C and Three Six Mafia on Big Drank and its clear from the very beginning that the Hot Girl will never forget her roots.

Megan Thee Stallion is here to stay and shes prepared to take everything this industry owes her. She’s doing this not only for Houston, for Ms. Holly, but most importantly herself. Megan has the talent, the sex appeal, the charisma, and now the debut album that is going to make her a superstar in hip hop for years and years to come.