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No’el’s Corner: Horns & Halos with K. Fire

Welcome to the fourth edition of Noel’s corner, where I interview up and coming music artists and entrepreneurs across the globe. Recently, I had the opportunity of talking to local Detroit music artist K fire, who was awarded Best New Music Artist At the 2018 2nd annual SDM […]

The ClassMatez re-release N.I.L.A.

When you think of quintessential music out of Spartanburg County there is one quartet that has flown quietly under the radar. The ClassMatez are a 4 man team that usually dedicates their time to the background of music focusing on the writing and producing aspect. However in 2016 […]

“Horns & Halos” Music Review

Not only does this music project provide uplifting lyrics with an incredible production that offers praise, but also illustrates spiritual faith, life-changing altertations, and self-reflection. K. Fire blesses us listeners with her debut LP, Horns and Halos.