The Guap Sosa Interview

South Carolina artist, Guap Sosa sits with us at Jetlag TV Studio for a new exclusive interview. Guap Sosa speaks on his brand new mixtape “Guapsta” which includes prominent features from Luh Soldier, PG Ra, NGeeYL, and more. Sosa also grew up loving basketball and continued to stay engaged in the game. We decided [...]

The Skully Interview

The Anderson, South Carolina artist, Skully, sits down with us at JETLAG TV Studios to speak about his latest mixtape "Trapped," his mental health since the passing of his brother Jugg Money, and more. Skully visited us at the studio and really put in perspective his work ethic. The Upstate artist announced that he [...]

Flyin’ High, In The Friendly Sky

January 27th, 2020. One day after Kobe's death, I pull into my neighborhood and I see little Black boys shooting a basketball into a shopping cart, and I cried. I cried, I cried, and I cried. My tears flowed longer than the Nile River, heavier than a thousand pounds. My tears were mixed with regret. [...]

Vendor Applications for the 2020 Jetlag TV Awards

The 2020 Jetlag TV Awards will be held on February 22nd at the Chapman Cultural Center from 7pm to 10pm. For this event, Jetlag TV is allowing up to 10 businesses to come and purchase a table in the lobby of the Chapman Cultural Center during the award show to promote and sell their products. [...]