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My name is No'el Snyder, music analyst and Future Music Critic. To me, music is everything. No matter what type of mood you're in or no matter what you're doing, your favorite song will give you the motivation you desire! Let's connect more on othe social media sites and get to know one another beyond the music!

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“The Potion” EP Music Review

These Brooklyn-based artists, collaborated and released a polyphonic production, attached with ominous lyrics and raging vocals that reveals the notion of others not being one hundred percent supportive in their vision. Oppi and Stephen Niday graces listeners’ ears with their debut EP, “The Potion“.

Continue reading ““The Potion” EP Music Review”

“Dysfunctional Family” Music Review

The music scene in the city of Detroit not only glorifies the talented artist it inhabits, but also displays the powerful collaborations that can be embodied by  building relationships and collective experiences, making for an interesting project. Akinyele The BLK Night, gathers everyone together for his final mixtape, “Dysfunctional Family“. Continue reading ““Dysfunctional Family” Music Review”

Big Papa Mood ft. B. Johnson & Melo Wood- Lonely (Music Video)

Sampled from Janet Jackson’s 1997 hit “I Get Lonely” and video production done by Detroit’s very own SP Detroit, Papa Mood, releases visuals for his single “Lonely” featuring B. Johnson & Melo Wood from Big Papa Mood’s second EP, Bachelor Dad. The trio dominated with this track, giving that nostalgic vibe from the RnB 90’s era. Delivering a verse each, Papa Mood and B. Johnson showed out with the rap verses and Mello Wood delivering strong vocals. Check it out here on JetlagTV. We’ll Keep You Awake!!

Thank You for allowing me yo be apart of the video as well!! I’m in the video scrolling through my phone feeling lonely.

“Rags” EP Music Review

This dynamic hip-hop duo not only stand out from the Atlanta “Trap-Rap” sound, but also delivered a well organized project. Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, releasing their third EP with Spillvillage, but their first EP as Dreamville’s new signees. Earthgang gives us Rags EP. Continue reading ““Rags” EP Music Review”

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