Music Review: Mac Miller- Circles

Mac Miller’s star-studded, fifth studio album, Swimming was equipped with pivotal vocals that showcased Miller’s impactful songwriting. Swimming addressed the struggles that the young rapper faced while striving to locate stability within his own psychological growth. Special thank you to Jon Brion for his progression in concluding the album. As a companion to Swimming, Mac Miller blesses listeners with his first posthumous album, Circles

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Emcee On The Rise: KvnLee presents his “1Track Mixtape”

Following upon his early 2018 demo release, The Introduction, the twenty-year-old musician accurately displays his versatility over a course of instrumentals from classic eras in hip-hop starting from 1989 to our current state in hip-hop today. As we accompany him through his lyrical journey, this seventeen-minute track is loaded with quotable lyrics, different impressionable styles and a personal glimpse into the Herndon, Virginia artist. KvnLee aids hip-hop with his newest release, 1Track Mixtape.

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No’el’s Corner: My Sit Down with Battle Rapper, Clasik

Welcome to the sixth edition of No’el’s Corner where I interview up and coming music artist and entrepreneurs. I provide five descriptive questions that are answered with in-depth, detailed responses. In this episode, I eagerly pounced on a chance to check out the Detroit battle rap scene and interviewed one of Detroit’s up and coming battle rappers, Clasik. Clasik has indulged in a battle rap for the past three years, so I wanted to pick his brain to see how deep his passion for battle rap went. In this interview, we discuss how it originated for him, battle raps and future music. Click “Read More” to check out our conversation!

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“Middle child syndrome is the feeling of exclusion. This effect occurs because the firstborn (Old Generation Rapper) is more prone to receiving privileges and responsibilities, while the youngest (New Generation Rapper) in the music industry are more likely to receive notice. The MIDDLE CHILD no longer has their status as the infant and is left with no clear role.”

Produced by T-Minus, the Dreamville boss delivers his first 2019 release with his newest single, MIDDLE CHILD. J. Cole views himself in the center of the hip-hop industry as he works with new artist, passing on the gems he’s learned from the old generation of hip-hop. J. Cole also discusses building his team to become an empire, knowing if one person eats, the entire team has to be fed as well. Discussing drugs, Cole knows that there are huge numbers of the adolescent swing to impermanent materialistic desires in order to feel a feeling of satisfaction, which interfaces with the ending bars of the melody. Cole displays perfect cadence, potent rhyme scheme combined with an alluring topic, making this track simply amazing. Check out J. Cole’s newest single, MIDDLE CHILD on all digital streaming services.

I’m Dead In The Middle Of Two Generations. I’m Little Bro And Big Bro All At Once. Just Left The Lab With Young 21 Savage, I’m ’bout To Go And Meet Jigga For Lunch”

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