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My name is No'el Snyder, music analyst and Future Music Critic. To me, music is everything. No matter what type of mood you're in or no matter what you're doing, your favorite song will give you the motivation you desire! Let's connect more on othe social media sites and get to know one another beyond the music!

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“Write To Dream” Music Review

The eminent hip-hop journalist and Genius Manager of Artist Relations, Rob Markman, stunned the hip-hop universe when he announced on Sway In The Morning, that he was releasing his debut EP. The New York native dropped what I deemed as a respected project for the hip-hop genre & culture. This EP presented a firm delivery, cleverly-written wordplay, and Markman's tales of a dream that all started with a pad and a pen. Rob Markman praised us listeners with his debut EP, "Write To Dream". Continue reading ““Write To Dream” Music Review”

Mandi Rose, Vocalist on The Come Up!

At the end of December 2016, Mandi Rose, released her debut EP, "Back For More". This EP provided all-around great content, making the project worthwhile for our enjoyment, as we quickly became encapsulated with her voice. Within the past couple of months, Mandi Rose has been perfecting her craft, showing dedication to her own vision. Continue reading “Mandi Rose, Vocalist on The Come Up!”

“Way Of Life” EP Music Review

This EP set the tone for that raw, uncut Detroit Sound. Music artist and co-founder of Goodboyz Clothing, Goodboy Monte, provides us listeners with yet another outstanding project after his 2016 “Demo Tape” release. Bandgang Masoe, came with the heat on this 2017 project, after his February EP, “Loyalty Is Love”. Monte and Masoe collaborated on five distinctive tracks, giving us listeners a considerable amount of content on their new EP, “Way of Life”. Continue reading ““Way Of Life” EP Music Review”

Jordan River/Retro Plugs Q&A With No’el Snyder

No’el: Jordan River, Songwriting, Live Performer, Engineer-Mixer, Producer, Marketing Strategist, Communications, Creative Director, Video Editor, Event – Coordinates, Live Engineer and Pianist-Music Theory. Jordan River was born on June 9th, 1995, from Detroit, MI, music artist that song writes on a broad spectrum of topics that connects to multiple genres and types of people. Despite Jordan being the age of 22 years old, he is as hard working as many of his predecessors. His early excursion into the world of music started at a tender age. Jordan started the music group & production company OBOV in 2012 which stands for “One Breath One Vision”. Jordan met a young woman named, Adonnica “Notez” in October of 2010, and she became the head of Visual Production for OBOV & also serves as Jordan’s official photographer/ videographer. On October 28th, 2016 he would release his 1st LP, “FREEDOM”, which he said symbolizes how you can break out of any state of mind and perspective that your surroundings may try to cage you in. I’ll be giving you an exclusive music video release of Jordan River’s Intro track titled “Blow”.

Thanks for taking the time out to holla at me, always good when we talk, whether it’s personal or business, so I appreciate you.

Jordan River: Yeah man and I want to saying thank you for the opportunity. It’s always a pleasure. Great intro by the way!

No’el: Alright, let’s get into this! Here’s Jordan River’s music video to his Intro “Blow” off his debut the LP “Freedom”

Continue reading “Jordan River/Retro Plugs Q&A With No’el Snyder”

“Chénges” EP Music Review

While most consider life changes difficult to adjust to, the listener is put at ease and into a tranquil state of mind, as one song effortlessly flows to the next. Ché, formerly known as Detroit Ché, released her highly anticipated EP “Chénges”.

Continue reading ““Chénges” EP Music Review”

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