Teenage Fever Review

In this time of quarantine, we found ourselves in a relatively new, awkward world. 2020 has been a strange year for us all but in this bizarre era; I’ve located many new music artists that have touched my ear with the profound graces of their lyrics. Lyrically venting about the hardships that correlate with the teenage years, I stumbled upon this 19-year-old artist from Dallas, Texas that cued my excessive use of the repeat button. This artist sang about love, acceptance, maintaining distance from others for her protection, alongside the developed isolation that connects with music success in her ending teenage epoch. Kaash Paige self-reflects on her debut album, Teenage Fever.

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Music Review: “In Real Life” with Cam Woods.

This Detroit artist work ethic has been phenomenal within these past few years. We music listeners have been graced with two 2017 releases, “I Was Bullshittin’” EP and his second EP, “Bachelor Dad” that included respected samples, great lyrics, and amazing features. Providing a strong presence in 2020, this ten min EP gave an introspective view of the important aspects of the rapper’s life that focused on great mental health and self-care. Cam Woods blesses listeners with I.R.L.

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Music Review: Mac Miller- Circles

Mac Miller’s star-studded, fifth studio album, Swimming was equipped with pivotal vocals that showcased Miller’s impactful songwriting. Swimming addressed the struggles that the young rapper faced while striving to locate stability within his own psychological growth. Special thank you to Jon Brion for his progression in concluding the album. As a companion to Swimming, Mac Miller blesses listeners with his first posthumous album, Circles

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Emcee On The Rise: KvnLee presents his “1Track Mixtape”

Following upon his early 2018 demo release, The Introduction, the twenty-year-old musician accurately displays his versatility over a course of instrumentals from classic eras in hip-hop starting from 1989 to our current state in hip-hop today. As we accompany him through his lyrical journey, this seventeen-minute track is loaded with quotable lyrics, different impressionable styles and a personal glimpse into the Herndon, Virginia artist. KvnLee aids hip-hop with his newest release, 1Track Mixtape.

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