BHB Podcast Releases Their Top 50 Projects Over The Last Decade

2010 to 2019 was a great time in music. Hip Hop became the powerhouse in the space and we saw a lot of big moments. We saw the first billionaire in hip hop, we saw the biggest song of all time come and take the world by storm, We even took some losses that shook [...]

Heir Jordan’s 10 for 2018

2018 was a very saturated year in music where there was no way possible you heard and digested every body of work. I have tried to take down what I can and what I think matters. These picks are what I felt left an impact as well as made strides in advancing the lane of [...]

The ClassMatez re-release N.I.L.A.

When you think of quintessential music out of Spartanburg County there is one quartet that has flown quietly under the radar. The ClassMatez are a 4 man team that usually dedicates their time to the background of music focusing on the writing and producing aspect. However in 2016 they decided to create a body of [...]

‘K.O.D’ by J. Cole Album Review

K.O.D, Kids on Drugs, King Overdose, Killing Our Demons. What a rollout, what a sound, what a project? J. Cole unleashed to the world his fifth studio album on 4/20. When the news came out about the album and I saw the cover art, like most people, I felt like he was going to speak [...]

Flatbush Zombies Vacation In Hell Review

While the world is in awe of the big release of Cardi B’s debut album, there was a sophomore project that came out as well from the Flatbush Zombies, hailing from the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. The trio unveiled Vacation In Hell, a great piece of modern hip-hop creations. The group consists of [...]