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Deonte Ray

Rapper Doughboy Roc Killed In Shooting

The Detroit native and Doughboyz Cashout member was shot and killed in his hometown.

Roc was reportedly killed around 3:30 today while standing outside of a white Hyundai. He was shot in his right ear and shoulder and was pronounced dead on the scene. We send our thoughts and prayers to Roc’s friends and family.


Omeretta The Great Drops New Single

Omeretta, aka Lil O has made a name for herself by posting numerous videos online of her dropping bars. Check out why she’s the self-proclaimed hardest female rapper alive. Continue reading “Omeretta The Great Drops New Single”

Kenneka Jenkins: 19-year-old Teen Found Dead In Hotel Freezer

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the death of 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins. However, here’s a brief summary of what we know so far. Continue reading “Kenneka Jenkins: 19-year-old Teen Found Dead In Hotel Freezer”

Why You Should Know Kesha Lee

Often times women don’t get the recognition that they deserve for their accomplishments in their fields of work. Therefore we wanted to shine some light on the huge moves that Kesha Lee has made this year. Continue reading “Why You Should Know Kesha Lee”

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