Still Over It. The art of storytelling.

I’ve found myself playing Still Over It over and over and over and over again man. This album has pulled me in unlike anything else I’ve heard this year. I couldn’t have pictured her follow up to 2019’s Over It being this great. Summer has mastered something that only a few modern R&B artists have been able to do and that’s nail storytelling in her music.

Storytelling is what draws me to an artist more than anything else. It’s why I love artists like SZA and Summer so much because they do such a beautiful job of painting their experiences of heartbreak, love, disappointment and everything in between for the listener to feel exactly how they feel on every track. The vulnerability is so real here man it’s actually tough to get through sometimes because it’s so triggering.

I know what it’s like to chase love from someone who is unobtainable and is an otherwise piece of shit and Summer lays everything out on the table better than anything else I’ve heard from this year or last year. I love when I’m able to feel like an album is relatable and that’s exactly what I got from this project. This is what I feel like has been missing from R&B for so long.

I love the genre, and there are plenty of R&B artists that are making incredible music but the vulnerability and rawness is what the genre has been lacking for some time now. R&B has done this thing over the last decade where It’s trying to emulate hip-hop and It’s losing elements of what makes the genre distinctive from rap in the first place. These two genres are different for a reason and they operate at their best when we acknowledge that, and keep it that way.

From the opening track when you hear Cardi’s voicemail addressing the side chicks allegations it just feels… real. Most of us have been in that position where our friends are in our ear telling us these exact type of speeches. Fast forward a couple tracks on No Love and you have (an amazing feature btw) from SZA wishing she didn’t give her all and who can honestly say they haven’t felt the same after a ugly breakup?

Throw It Away, Reciprocate, and You Don’t Know Me are the tracks that really stood out to me on this project. I probably replayed those songs back at least 10x each when I first listened to the album. You Don’t Know Me especially being hard to get through because falling for someone who doesn’t know you at all or really even care to know you the way you want them to is a different type of pain and I resonate with Summer so much on that one.

It takes a lot of courage, accountability, honesty, and self awareness to drop a project like this man and she should be proud because it sounds like she’s bossing up in a big way on this album. Acknowledging her pain but also understanding that terrible people are always going to be who they are and the best you can do is simply to move on is something that anyone whose experienced trauma in relationships could learn from.

Great production, beautiful storytelling of heartbreak, amazing song writing. Just an amazing project from opening to close. Can’t wait to hear how she’s grown from this experience on her next album.

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