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In this time of quarantine, we found ourselves in a relatively new, awkward world. 2020 has been a strange year for us all but in this bizarre era; I’ve located many new music artists that have touched my ear with the profound graces of their lyrics. Lyrically venting about the hardships that correlate with the teenage years, I stumbled upon this 19-year-old artist from Dallas, Texas that cued my excessive use of the repeat button. This artist sang about love, acceptance, maintaining distance from others for her protection, alongside the developed isolation that connects with music success in her ending teenage epoch. Kaash Paige self-reflects on her debut album, Teenage Fever.

Within these thirty-six minutes, Kaash Paige exhibits a young woman’s yearning vocals,  pasted with savage vulnerability, mixed with an innocent, heart on her sleeve depiction. The Dallas native musically describes her occasion at Rolling Loud in London, speaking success into existence by attending the Grammys, the trials enduring relationships in addition to her inability to respond to a text message. And simply just the teenage experience with being you, while searching for all the right answers but not knowing where to look first. This aided us, listeners, in learning more about the artist’s personality through her lyrics. Special thank you to the production team (Bizness Boi, Blake Slatkin, Caine, Fortune, Ghetto Guitar, Jaasu, Kofo, Larce Blake, maznybeats, Mike Hector, Palmer Reed, Sati, Sonic Major, Teo Halm, Th3ory & Vohn Beatz) alongside Kaash Paige herself that provided an indie, soulful pop music project with splices of rap bars courtesy of 42 Dugg, Isaiah Rashad, and K-Camp. Tracks such as Pull up, Grammy Week featuring polished, echoed vocals thanks to Don Toliver and London provide a hi-key playful, yet, upbeat approach to Teenage Fever. The satisfying drum snares and  ending electric guitar strings on London support Kaash’s vocals creating an impactful illustration for the introduction which sets the tone for Teenage Fever. Other tracks such as Soul Ties featuring ssgkobe, Jaded, and the Soulful Sounds of Sati featuring Sati showcased Kaash’s vibeful cadence shifts that greatly boost the value of the production. Kaash Paige’s vocals are lightly aggressive, with an ample amount of confidence. When the beat picks up, Paige rides the bass and drums effortlessly and doesn’t miss a single octave. When it descends, her vocals align graciously to revamp the instrumental.

Teenage Fever is inventively packed with great quotable lyrics with emotionally-rich, sophisticated songwriting. Short music project, but with solid production, mixed with great, captivating lyricism, Teenage Fever is everything we R&B lovers could want. Don’t sleep on Kaash Paige. Thank you for the music. Stream Teenage Fever on Apple Music, Spotify, and all other digital streaming services. Link provided below.

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Been On The Quarantine And Chill. Tryna Figure Out Life, Been Tryna Figure Out What’s Real And Why The People, They Never Do Us Right. They Never Give Us Time To Heal, So I Can Say How I Feel”

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