Music Review: “In Real Life” with Cam Woods.

This Detroit artist work ethic has been phenomenal within these past few years. We music listeners have been graced with two 2017 releases, “I Was Bullshittin’” EP and his second EP, “Bachelor Dad” that included respected samples, great lyrics, and amazing features. Providing a strong presence in 2020, this ten min EP gave an introspective view of the important aspects of the rapper’s life that focused on great mental health and self-care. Cam Woods blesses listeners with I.R.L.

In Real Life paints a picture of a seasoned hip-hop artist’s lifestyle. This EP discusses Cam’s fed up encounters with women while being a single father and taking great personal care of one’s self with an added lucrative rhyme scheme.

Lately I’ve Been Living Life In Spite Of Love/ I’ve Been Spoiling Myself Rotten, That Kind Of Love/ Self-care Is More Important Than Any Kind Of Love/ Took Me A Long Time To Understand That Type Of Love…”

The introduction track sets an alluring tone for I.R.L. Self-Care avoids all distractions as the emcee graciously raps about focusing on his ambitions, embracing his faults and ignoring the indistinct chatter of opinionated onlookers over an upbeat, serenaded instrumental. Self-Care became a favorable listen due to the artist relatable lyrics alongside the flow switch during the beat transitions.

…Fried As Hell Off This Eel Like I’m Tempura/Self Care Is Really Important/ For Marley And Money/ I’ll Be A Martyr Cause That’s What Matters…”

As we progress onto the second track, Sushi Date takes a deeper dive into the first track Self-Care. Cam Woods vividly depicts the isolation of enjoying your company by your lonesome without all of the forced, awkward conversations. Flowing with a tremendous metaphoric cadence, Woods maintains the topic of sushi over a ghostly, lo-fi sound. This track compels listeners to listen extensively as he compares his need for separation in order to control his mental health to the Japanese dish.

This brings us to our last track on the I.R.L., What You Heard featuring local artist Ché. This track shines on the outlook on the appreciation towards the grind of an up and coming music artist. Cam Woods truly showcased his clever ability to rhyme double entendres over LAW’s shadowed, grumpy beat, which I truly appreciate in the hip-hop culture. For only three tracks, one feature and production from Wxlfstealth and LAW, I.R.L. is blended with an impactful message of the central concern focused on mental health in adults. This EP is equipped with highlighted bars that are realized with each subsequent listen, making Cam Woods one of the most intriguing music artist to watch and listen for years to come. Check out I.R.L. on all digital streaming services, Spotify link provided below.


Check out the visuals for Cam Woods first track off In Real Life, Self Care with the YouTube link provided below.


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