Music Review: Mac Miller- Circles

Mac Miller’s star-studded, fifth studio album, Swimming was equipped with pivotal vocals that showcased Miller’s impactful songwriting. Swimming addressed the struggles that the young rapper faced while striving to locate stability within his own psychological growth. Special thank you to Jon Brion for his progression in concluding the album. As a companion to Swimming, Mac Miller blesses listeners with his first posthumous album, Circles

      Displaying a blurry, introspective view of himself within the cover art, Circles revolve around the late emcee’s self-awareness as he confronts and copes with substance abuse and his mental health. We as listeners venture off into Mac Miller’s psyche, where he is mindful of the feelings of his own omens while being brave enough to share them with the public eye.

      The production courtesy of David x Eli, Eric Dan, Guy Lawrence, Shea Taylor, and Jon Brion greatly wails alongside Mac Miller’s multi-pitched vocals that blend well against the ominous piano keys, head-nodding drums, and melancholic guitar and bass strings. The croon, gentle touches on tracks such as “Once A Day” and “I Can See” convey an eerie, emotional sound that confirms the importance of relaxation and not putting so much pressure into life. Other songs such as “Everybody“, sampled from Arthur Lee’s 1972 single “Everybody’s Got To Live“, “Hand Me Downs” featuring Baro Sura, and “Hands” widely display Mac Miller’s versatility with the inflation of his voice throughout Circles. It was very creative using a sample of Delusional Thomas’s vocals to set the tone for the tenth track, “Hands” where Mac Miller raps, which is rare on this album. Furthermore, Miller’s singing is very compelling in Circles. His voice is richly textured, with an abundance of harmonies and memorable lyrics. Mac’s mellifluous vocals amplify the instrumentals, transcending him from an emcee to a singer-songwriter. This established a lo-fi, neo-soul, somber album with vocals that carry loneliness, pain, grief and resolve. Circles is an album about accepting our faults and embracing the struggle to become victorious in the everlasting battle in managing our mental health. Circles is soul-bearing, raw, musically satisfying and beautifully composed, which gave fans and music lovers alike closure to the Pittsburgh native. Tell Mac Miller we miss him and we’re going to continue to miss you. Amazing album! Rest up, Mac, Keep Swimming!

Check out Mac Miller’s posthumous album, Circles on all digital streaming services. Physical copies will be released in early March.

“If You’re With Me, I Won’t Go Away. Because Everybody’s Gotta Live And Everybody’s Gonna Die”

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