No’el’s Corner: My Sit Down with Battle Rapper, Clasik

Welcome to the sixth edition of No’el’s Corner where I interview up and coming music artist and entrepreneurs. I provide five descriptive questions that are answered with in-depth, detailed responses. In this episode, I eagerly pounced on a chance to check out the Detroit battle rap scene and interviewed one of Detroit’s up and coming battle rappers, Clasik. Clasik has indulged in a battle rap for the past three years, so I wanted to pick his brain to see how deep his passion for battle rap went. In this interview, we discuss how it originated for him, battle raps and future music. Click “Read More” to check out our conversation!

No’el: Could you tell the readers and I about the start of your journey and the route that asserted your drive towards the Hip Hop culture of battle rap?

Clasik: I’ve always had a passion for battle rap. I watched it a lot growing up. Viewing Reed Dollaz, Murda Mook, Loaded Lux, Aye Verb, Calicoe, Conceited to name a few. I also was battling in my neighborhood (Dexter) a lot, and then I got a call from a league owner in Jersey and that’s where the journey all started in Battle Rap

No’el: Hosted by Street Star Norbes, the 3rd Annual Christmas In The Cave was presented at Bankrose studios. With that being your most recent rap battle, could you elaborate on your match against your opponent, Lo Da Boss and how it concluded and why?

Clasik: I got the call about the battle two weeks prior and it wasn’t my best performance by far. I could of for sure came better, but he was the better MC that night.

No’el: As we look into the future with your music career, could you tell us about the record you recently premiered on Desert Storm Radio?

Clasik: Yes, the record is called Dreams. I recorded that record a little over a year or two ago, but I have a connection in Jersey with someone that is on the desert staff and they played the single. It actually airs every Wednesday at 6 p.m. You will be able to hear the single there.

No’el: With the recent release of Dreams, could we expect a music project from Clasik with some battle rap influences or will there be a different approach as far as your sound and delivery when releasing upcoming music projects?

Clasik: Yes, the project is called Million Dolla Dreams and it will not be any battle rap influence. This will be a new sound from me more personal records… just real hip hop and rap.

No’el: Throughout your battle rap career, could you tell us about what you considered to be one of your best, career-ending rap bars that destroyed your opponent and provoked the crowd to go crazy?

Clasik: Yes, I told a guy “I’ll pull up on his whip and bullets a shattered glass like Shaq in his prime” everyone went crazy I was in Jersey.

No’el: That line was pure fire, Shaq was breaking those backboards on purpose, I Swear (No’el chuckles). Thank you Clasik, I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer a few of my question. Super excited to hear upcoming music from you and to see how you progress as an artist in Detroit. Make sure y’all click the links below to check out some of Clasiks battle raps below and to his newest single Dreams, thank you for reading, until next time!

Corner Store Rap Battle: Papper Trail vs. Clasik

Listen to Dreams – Clasik :

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