Music Review: Njomza Takes Us On Her “Vacation” EP

On April 7, 2017, the twenty-four-year-old music artist blessed the music industry with a soulful, empowering seven-track EP that praised self-reflection and growth towards exiting toxic relationships. The newest signee to SinceThe80s/Motown/Capitol Records has released yet another seven-track R&B EP that evokes the theme of romanticism, as she tries to locate peace within herself and others. Njomza delivers us listeners, Vacation.

Vacation begins with Njomza in a temporary state of mania, which is often referred to as the “mirror image” of depression. This heightened mood can be either euphoric or irritable with displaying an overall activation involving the mental state. As we listen and progress through this twenty-minute Vacation, Njomza’s realism is challenged when mixed with delusion. The recording artist tries to escape her unvarying day to day by desiring the presence of someone for emotional support. This allowed the Chicago native to locate her peace within someone, but unfortunately, once found, this peace is necessary to find again. Only to escape from what was thought to become her vacation in the first place. This transforms into Njomza requiring both love and space without the emotional attachment as she realizes she’s better off alone while pursuing her goals. Thanks to the harmonious production from FKi 1st, Caleb Stone, Blair Taylor, Aaron Goldberg, Cameron Solimon, Trocon Roberts, Mngaza Siviwe, and The Code, Njomza production went hand and hand with her gloomful, composed vocals. While fusing heavy drums, low tempo pop with melodic instrumentation and a dash of electronic wave patterns, Njomza excels with her ethereal vocals and well-rounded rhythm. Tracks such as Me & You, Don’t Know Why, and Outro provides a more serene, haunting approach towards Vacation. Other tracks such as the hit single, Lonely Nights, and One Foot In The Water provide an uplifting tone as the pre-choruses blend perfectly well with the approaching hooks. This allows these tracks to breathe which earns the listener’s appreciation for repeated listens. Track five, Produced by Brooklyn native, Dot Da Genius titled, Don’t Count The Daze really showcases the musical chemistry between musician and producer. The instrumental outshines the lyricism of the track with the ending thirty-second breakdown making the song dulcetly rewarding. Through it all, Vacation is more than a tropical idealistic vision, Vacation represents locating a peace of mind within yourself. Njomza’s pleasant vocals praise comfort, vulnerability, emptiness, and love. Check out Njomza’s second EP installment, Vacation on all audio streaming services. Spotify link provided below.

Just Let It Go, Give Me All Of Your Love How You Like For The Night. Ask For Me To Stay, But You Know That I’m Chasin’ My Time…”

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