Music Review: “Hard Body” Came Early

Since her recent music release of September First, the Detroit native has been extremely diligent with her artistry; displaying her melodic vocals and rhyme scheme in addition to developing a multitude of musical elements. Currently recuperating from her unfortunate October incident, the twenty-four-year-old music artist perseverance is greatly noticed as she bounces back tougher than a rock with this December release. Rocky Badd delivers her newest music project, Hard Body.

The humble artist hasn’t forgotten the origin of her lifestyle, which provides a firsthand glimpse into Rocky Badd’s personal life. Within these forty-four-minutes, Rocky Badd openly discusses her sentiment towards being set-up, separating herself from the people who she considered family, all while asserting her focus towards the success of her music career. Thanks to Street Gang Productions, CBSM Henny, B4 Stuntman, and Nizdadon for providing production that included a variety of selected instrumentals that ranged from a low tempo pace, towards selected dance melodies and chaotic, high tempo drum kicks. These beats inspired the versatility within Rocky’s cadence throughout Hardbody. Tracks such as My Story, Separation, and Hard Body projected a stylistic Detroit flow, attached with vengeful bars alongside an aggressive, yet calm tone. Other tracks such as Wrist Watch featuring Samuel Shabazz, Another featuring Afree Boy Ram, and Bills featuring Mauri Corey showcase the creative rap styles, with playful punchlines that dissolve in different music manners for the listeners enjoyment. Rocky also graces us listeners with a sublime track titled Sahara, dedicated to her younger sister displaying unconditional love. When you stare death in the face and overcome it, the mindstate changes. As humans, we start to realize what’s truly important, this makes us work harder and become more appreciative towards life. Noticing our blessing and grinding towards our goals even harder than yesterday. Hard Body can be described as motivationally grandiose; utterly magnificent, awe-inspiring, with well elaborate storytelling. Check out Rock Badd’s latest music project, Hard Body on all audio streaming services. The link is provided below.

A Muthafucka Will Make You Feel Like Yo Dream Ain’t Shit Because They Dream Is Like… It Ain’t As Big As Yours. A Muthafucka Will Make You Feel Like Something Is Impossible Because They Can’t Do It. A Muthafucka Will Make You Feel Like You Milking It Or You Taking It Too Far Because They Don’t Think That Big Or They Can’t Get That Far In Life. Don’t Let Nobody Tell You What The Fuck You Can And Can’t Do About Shit. A Muthafucka Be Calling Me Broke, I’ll Be The Brokest Bitch, Shidd, Bitch I’ve Been Living Life!”

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