no reception. blesses us with her debut EP, See Through

I’ve been invested in the music genre of hip-hop over these past few months, but recently, I acquired a punk/rock music project that provided delicate vocals of strength, alongside raging lyrics of unappreciation. no reception graces us listeners with her one woman, punk rock EP, See Through.

The nineteen-year-old songwriter sonically lures us music lovers into the subconscious mind of an artist whose self-reflection outshines the production on this four-track EP. Doing a hundred percent of the instrument playing and songwriting, we listeners obtain a glimpse into the woman behind these soothing, chaotic vocals. no reception. provides transparent lyrics that are strongly dedicated to her loved ones, who, on any occasion, she was unconditionally present for, but as the time approached for them to reciprocate the similar benefits of support and love, they proved unable. This provoked no reception.’s decision to isolate herself from the people who’ve taken advantage of her love and kindness, as she buries herself into “do not disturb” mode throughout See Through. The talented New York native greatly integrates thrash, melodic singing, subtle percussive guitar strings, and bass, with submersive drum strikes to the cymbals we hear throughout this short collection of tracks. Songs such as Door Mat and Can’t Be Fixed supply an aggressive, thunderous rhythm, rendering a strong affirmation towards the lyrics. The track Losing Myself To You offers a pleasant guitar melody that provides a blissful intermix with her shrieking vocals, making this track a fan favorite for a strong sensation of solace with a calming release. no reception. delivers a star-studded performance that awards consistency and conviction for her vengeful, pulsating lyrics. Check out no reception.’s debut EP, See Through on all digital streaming services, and also check out the visuals for no receptions. single, Time To Kill via YouTube. Links provided below.

See Through Link:

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