After much anticipation, the 2018–2019 NBA season began just a few days ago, on October 16, 2019! After a very exciting off-season accompanied by trades and drama, fans finally get to see their teams on the hardwood. This will be a more than exciting season with some major storylines to watch out for.

Check out these top 5:

  1. Can LeBron take the Lakers to the playoffs?

LeBron James shocked the world this off-season by moving to LA and joining the Lakers. They are young, but the King is known for making every team he joins great. Will LeBron lead his team to another Finals, or will they fall short of even making the playoffs?

2. Will the Warriors 3-peat?

Is another title on the rise for the Warriors this year? They are already star-studded with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Kevin Durant. Now, adding DeMarcus Cousins to the mix makes things even more intriguing. Should we expect the Warriors to continue their streak now that Lebron is in LA? I think the Warriors are too good, but we have learned in the past to never count LeBron out.

3. How will Carmelo play in Houston?

The Houston Rockets and Carmelo Anthony finally agreed on a deal after things went south for Anthony in OKC. With the Thunder, he only averaged 16.2 points and often struggled to play alongside Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Will it be different playing alongside Chris Paul and James Harden? He has expressed that he wants to play with the ball in his hands more, but is that possible in Houston, or will this be an OKC repeat for Carmelo?

4. Will the Celtics make it to the Finals?

The Celtics put on a show last year, making it the Conference Finals without their stars Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. Now that both are back healthy and ready to play, where do the Celtics stand? The returning young stars Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum showed what they are capable of last season, so does this mean the Celtics may become a contender in the Finals?

5. The Timberwolves and Jimmy Butler?

Seems there is some turmoil in Minnesota between the Timberwolves organization and Jimmy Butler. After an explosive rant from Butler to the team and organization that made headline news, will the Timberwolves bring it together for the season? This team is very talented and has tremendous potential with Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, but will this be enough to make Butler happy? They ended a 13-season playoff drought last year, so this should mean excitement, right? Where do you see the Timberwolves going this year, and will Jimmy Butler even be in the picture?

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