Get ‘Lost’ in New Brent Faiyaz EP

https_images.genius.com43ec5b426aed6566c89b61d0980c4e9d.998x998x1Brent Faiyaz released his third EP October 19, 2018 at midnight. This is his first release of music as a solo artist since the release of his debut album Sonder Son in October of 2017. The “Crew” singer’s new 6 track project takes the fans on a soul-searching journey through sirens, bass drops, chill conversation interludes, and killer hooks.

Faded police sirens welcome us into the beginning of his first track, “Why’z it so hard.” This intro is a testimony to the struggles Faiyaz faces as a young black man with lyrics such as “Why they wanna see me dead?/I ain’t even grown yet” piercing through the ongoing sirens lapsing in the background. Faiyaz is known for including spoken interludes into his music dating back to his hit single “Insecure” from his AM Paradox EP. This style lives on in his second track, “Came Right Back” as Faiyaz invites us to a seat at the table in a conversation between him and his boys at the end of the song. Brent follows up with “Trust”, “Around Me”, “Poundz”, and “Target On My Chest” which holds the only feature on the EP by producer Loshendrix.

It is safe to say that Brent Faiyaz is in a league of his own and his craftsmanship on this EP proves that undoubtedly. The journey he takes the listener on definitely leaves them ‘lost’ searching for more songs to hear. Brent Faiyaz may not be a household name just yet, but at this pace he is definitely on his way. The full project can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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