No’el’s Corner: no reception. Talks About Her Visuals For Her Newest Single, “Time To Kill”

Welcome to the fifth edition of No’els Corner, where I interview up and coming music artist and entrepreneurs across the globe. Punk rock derives from music that consumes the body, the soul, energy, and the heart. Recently, I had the undying pleasure of interviewing New York’s very own rock band no reception.. It was an honor to have the one woman band in the building as we sat down and discussed the visuals for her newest single, Time To Kill from her upcoming EP, See Through.

No’el: I’m so thankful for obtaining his opportunity to talk to you about your newest single, Time To Kill and the visuals you released for it. Could you tell the readers about yourself and your love for the genre of punk rock music? Where did it stem from?

no reception.: My love for punk all started with Joan Jett’s first band, The Runaways. I discovered them in 7th grade and immediately fell in love with how badass they were. Since then, my music interests have evolved a lot and I’ve gone through a bunch of different phases, from listening to the classics like The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Ramones, to the 90s punk like Bad Religion and Black Flag, to more of the pop-influenced punk like Blink 182, The Front Bottoms, Greenday, and Modern Baseball–which is most similar to the music I create.

No’el: On September the 21st, the visuals for your single Time To Kill were released. Could you discuss in more detail for the readers on your visuals for Time To Kill? And how was collaborating with Amaia Rioseco to make the video?

no reception.: The way the music video for Time to Kill came about was actually super spontaneous. I was on vacation with my family at the beginning of the summer and realized I had yet to do an official music video, so I thought the summer would be the perfect time since during the year I am busy with college. Originally, I was going to shoot a video for my single Moon Girl, but since I had whole EP release plan coming up, I decided to do it for one of the singles off the EP. We were initially planning on shooting at different locations in New York City, so the plot originally revolved a lot around the city, but our locations fell through so we ended up modifying for it a suburban setting. This actually turned out to be great because we shot it in my hometown where I grew up my whole life and I liked being able to channel the vibes and atmosphere of the suburbs that I was so familiar with. I’m really happy with how it turned out and working with Amaia Rioseco, the filmography and editor, and Emma Default, my co-star, was awesome. Amana and I have known each other for years ever since we went to a summer performing arts program together, and Emma and I have been friends since childhood and both grew up in the town we shot the video in!

No’el: With these visuals, we watch as you engage intensely with your co-star, Emma Dufault. Could you tell us, readers, more about the person who inspired the character, your lyrics and the illustrations behind your visuals?

no reception.: So I definitely think the character and storyline presented in the video isn’t inherently intertwined with the person I wrote the song about. I thought about this a lot when creating the video and went back and forth on whether I wanted the video to mirror the song, but ultimately decided a lot of music videos don’t do this and it didn’t feel necessary to me. I’d say that the character in the music video is really a product of the plot I created and the way in which Emma embodied that plot. I wanted the video to have a clear storyline, rather than just a vague representation of a relationship that followed the lyrics, which is why the video has a happy ending despite the song’s ambiguous one.

No’el: In the video, your loyalty is presented. You go as far as to create a scrapbook that included life plans and goals. You accumulated money that focused on the achievement towards a brighter future for Y’all together with two tickets to Los Angeles. As you go all out for someone and the actions aren’t reciprocated, do you think most relationships encounter this issue of love being one-sided no?

no reception.: So actually the plot of the music video is routed in a miscommunication. As my co-star, Emma spends all her time-saving money for both of us to move to L.A without my knowing, I become frustrated and think she is neglecting me and our relationship. In the end, when I realize she was actually working on something for the both of us, I immediately forgive her. However, love being one-sided is definitely what I was expressing in the lyrics of the song and this video plot was just a playful way of spinning that around. I think when a relationship is healthy for both of the people involved this should never be the case, but unfortunately, especially towards the end of relationships, reciprocation of feelings can become difficult.

No’el: With the visuals released for Time To Kill, can us readers and music listeners get an upcoming release date for your debut EP, See Through?

no reception.: The EP will definitely be out before the end of October! I was hoping to release it sooner, but I’m running into some delays regarding the album artwork. It’ll be out as soon as everything is put together exactly how I envisioned it!

I truly appreciate you taking the time out and answering a few of my questions. I’m super excited for the listeners to hear your upcoming EP, See Through! While the readers and listeners wait, here’s the link to the visuals for no reception single, Time to Kill.

Time to Kill:

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