No’el’s Corner: Yovng Rah’s Intro Into Hip-Hop

Welcome to the third edition of No’els Corner, where I interview up and coming music artist and entrepreneurs across the globe. Today, I obtained the opportunity to sit down with music artist Yovng Rah to discuss his image, his interest in music, and why he chose music as his career path. Let’s dive head first into this interview!

No’el: Tell the readers about yourself, and how you plan on making an impact in the music industry.

Yovng Rah: I Go By The Name Yovng Rah, I’m 20 Years Old, And I’ve been A music addict for 20 years lol. Since a young age, I almost have been a writer, from poetry to books to essays.. the pen was my passion. The message I want people to receive through my music is no matter what color, race, gender, rich, poor. No matter your situation do whatever you want, live your life and don’t change for the anybody… One life.

No’el: Tell the readers why they should take the time out to listen to your music. What makes your lyrics notable?

Yovng Rah: I feel like people should listen to music because I’m very versatile and make songs for everyone. I make songs that will open your mind and think and some you can turn up off and for the strippers to make some money off of. My lyrics are notable because I can make someone cry from connecting my life experiences with theirs or bring them joy and happiness… The brain will always remember something that caused emotion.

No’el: What type of influences derives from your music sound?

Yovng Rah: I say one life a lot because it’s my brand and it’s self-explanatory. I have different styles of music because you don’t need to be put in a box or go by a certain standard. I promote happiness.. to be happy… Nothing less.

No’el: Now, I know you have a single titled Insomnia that you released last week for your upcoming project, could you tell us a little about the track and how it came about, and why you chose that to be the single?

Yovng Rah: I have my single insomnia coming out next week and I chose this song because at a time a lot was going on in my life and I grew from my struggle to I need straightforward tunnel vision with no distractions… it just happened to morph into a turn-up club song so I ran with it.

No’el: I heard you had an EP that you’re working on that’s to be released next year. Could you tell the readers a bit about your EP?

Yovng Rah: Yes, my EP “Lost Files” will be released next year. I write many songs from when I used to produce to more recent. I called it lost files because some songs are unreleased tracks that haven’t been put out. It’s a mix of hype, and slow songs, I have something for everybody in it, ONE LIFE

No’el: I truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few of my questions. My gratitude will never be enough. Thank you! The link provided below is for Yovng Rah single, “Insomnia” click the link and check it out some good music!

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