No’el’s Corner: Horns & Halos with K. Fire

Welcome to the fourth edition of Noel’s corner, where I interview up and coming music artists and entrepreneurs across the globe. Recently, I had the opportunity of talking to local Detroit music artist K fire, who was awarded Best New Music Artist At the 2018 2nd annual SDM Live Awards.

No’el: Winning Best New Artist at the 2nd Annual SDM Live Awards, could you tell the readers and me about your experience and the emotion that was included from winning?

K. Fire: The SDM Live awards was a dope experience. It’s was really great to see people being celebrated genuinely. Winning the Best new artist gave me a lot of momentum. Winning also motivated me to another level.

No’el: In May, you released your first album, Horns and Halos. The album was courageously uplifting as it displayed praise. For those who haven’t obtained the opportunity to give it a listen, could you elaborate on the meaning you conveyed on the album?

K. Fire: “Horns and Halos” I wanted to get several messages across. The primary story is the internal fight we all have within ourselves. Some people don’t want to admit it, but all of us have a conscience but we try to mask it with our own justifications. I believe that urge to do the right thing comes from God. The hard part is no matter what, it is a battle. The Horns are the evil I have been exposed to growing up or wrong things that are in me naturally. For example, your father might have been addicted to alcohol and maybe you didn’t grow up around him but you have that same struggle. That would represent Horns -a vice or wickedness that you want to try and defeat, or you gave up on fighting. In this project, I’m pushing us to fight. Halos represent the things that God has placed in you that you may be naturally good at (God-given gifts) or traits that are Godly such as patience, compassion etc. It also represents the non-materialistic things in your life that bring you joy; more so, the situations and people that God placed in your life can bring you joy.

No’el: Could you tell the readers about a real-life occurrence that altered your perception used as inspiration to help create Horns and Halos?

K. Fire: There was a lot of personal experiences that inspired this album but one, in particular, was my interactions with one of my older cousins. I always looked up to him and saw him as a big brother. I remember when I was younger, I thought he was the coolest person, period! I didn’t get to be around him as much as I wanted because he stayed in another state. To make the long story short, I was in my early twenties; he came back around and I noticed that his mindset was different from mine. He would manipulate and con people to get what he wanted out of them. I remember I started taking rapping seriously, and he started becoming jealous of me; not because I was doing something he couldn’t do, but he could see I was choosing a different lifestyle and he couldn’t influence me the way he used to when we were younger. He would tell me how he respected what I do, but it wasn’t his lane. In this album, I touch on why I may have made some of the mistakes I did in my past, but ultimately I realized we all have the power of choice. We have free will, which means at some point we can’t blame anyone but ourselves. “Horns and Halos” is all about my choices, the choices of people around me, and how I was influenced by those choices. There were many experiences I had with people that helped inspire the theme throughout the album.

No’el: I’ve been seeing your album frequently all over social media. In what other ways have you maintained the relevance of Horns and Halos in these past four months?

K. Fire: Wow! To be honest, I recognize that’s all God. I would post stuff on social media, but I have had people reach out to me from all over because somehow they heard the music. I believe marketing strategies are dope, but that’s not what has been keeping my album relevant. It’s simply because God is making connections to people who genuinely enjoy the music and the message and they are sharing it. I’m grateful for that.

No’el: Is there anyone that you want to work within your city of Detroit as far as features and production?

K. Fire: As far as production, I have one of the greatest producers. Throne Muzik is very gifted and he is also my husband. I love what we have going on as a team. I never was the type of artist to just work with a lot of producers especially when I have great chemistry with one. Maybe on future projects, it could happen if it fits. There is a lot of talent in the city so you never know. When it comes to features, most of the time I have to click with the person outside of music before we do a song together. Talent doesn’t move me as much as character and work ethic so we’ll see. I know Dre Breeze just to name one, but there are some other artists too. That’s Godspeed I prefer letting things fall into place.

No’el: Recently, you recorded a new song titled, Victory, which was lyrically dressed and compacted with uplifting lyrics. Can us listeners anticipate more music on the way or an upcoming EP?

K. Fire: That is a good question. I do plan on letting this project breathe a bit, so after I drop that single digitally (Victory), I’m going to rest from releasing music. That’s the plan for now.

No’el: Thank you so much K. Fire for stopping in the building and providing more insight on your music project. You know my appreciation isn’t enough and I’m truly enjoying your progression as an artist. Click the link below to check out K. Fire’s music project, Horns and Halos!

Horns and Halos:

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