no reception.’s New Single, “Time To Kill”

“You Don’t Care, Not Like Me. I’m Not Someone That You, Really Need. You Don’t Notice, You Never Will. You’re Just Someone With Some Time To Kill…”

Since the December release of the New York artist first album, Restless Heart back in 2016, she’s been challenging herself and progressing as an artist. While gearing up for the release of her highly-anticipated EP, See Through. no reception. teases us listeners with her new punk/rock single, Time to Kill.

Time To Kill sets the tone for no reception.’s upcoming music project, The New York artist provides dulcet vocals, strong songwriting, and a live charismatic instrument recording that displayed no reception.’s creativity on the drums, guitar, and bass, which aids at giving Time To Kill a solid production. These intense, drowning vocals paint the narrative of someone willing to go extreme lengths for another as they take advantage of someone’s time and support, creating a puppet for their own selfish amusement. no reception. expresses her sentiment with the lyrics provided below:

“You’ve got me hanging by little threads that never seem to break. No more can I take…”

Blaming herself for how the relationship took an unfortunate turn by someone who she considered the main character in her life, no reception. learns more about herself and is able to separate her heart from her mind by accepting the harsh reality of knowing who someone truly is.

no reception.’s vocals are naturally authentic; praising the aggressive passion, promises, and devotion that this single entails. Time To Kill is a must listen for all of us punk/rock listeners as we patiently await the arrival of her debut EP, See Through, which is set to release late September! Check out no reception.’s single, Time To Kill on all digital platforms! Links provided below.




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