The ClassMatez re-release N.I.L.A.

When you think of quintessential music out of Spartanburg County there is one quartet that has flown quietly under the radar. The ClassMatez are a 4 man team that usually dedicates their time to the background of music focusing on the writing and producing aspect. However in 2016 they decided to create a body of work to showcase that they can be a force on the front end as well. Nobodies In Los Angeles or N.I.L.A. was an independent project that trail-blazed the landscape of Spartanburg music. It was released in July 2016 and sometime in 2017 was Taken down due to some business moves by the group.

The album was written while the group struggled as artists trying to get a shot in the majors while still having to live life. They wrote about their struggles and love woes while gaining inspiration as starving artists in the city of angels known as Los Angeles, California.

They worked with some great artist by the name of Elhae, Sabrina Claudio, Relxuise, Mesha Rant, and Stacy Barthe as well as showcasing the vocal talents of Ramiro Chavez who is also one half of Days On 85.

This body of work showcases their musical abilities and ability to create timeless art. Standouts on this project include the original single “No Titles” featuring Sabrina Claudio and Elhae, “Cotton Candy Dreams” featuring Adam Wolf which is a funky jam that shows an eclectic side of the group, and “Zero Lights” which the group says was inspired by George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” and the House Party movie series.

The link to project is listed below

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