Boogie Cousins is a Warrior; It’s time to step up or stop complaining.

Two nights ago the NBA world received the biggest news it’s heard in YEARS with Lebron James opting out of his contract and taking his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers. It was the most powerful move of the off-season, that is until the two time defending champs Golden State Warriors made an unfathomable acquisition that came completely from left field, they signed DeMarcus Cousins.

We don’t need to go into details on why this is a huge move for the Warriors, in fact that isn’t the point of this article at all. At this point, its common sense. Boogie is the best big man in the league going to a team where the center position is their biggest flaw.

Instead the point of this article is bring notice to fans, players, and organizations that it’s time to step up and beat the Warriors at their own game or stop complaining.

Allow me to go further into detail.


A major reason and quite frankly the biggest reason for the Warriors success is their uncanny unselfishness. Given the current cap situation in the NBA athletes are usually limited to two career paths.

You either chase the money and ooze every cent out of these franchises that you can (which I have no problem with) or you take less money to and help your team build the team they possibly can around you (which I also have no problem with).

I have absolutely, positively, no problem with athletes chasing the money during their careers, these are often times black men who have made it to the top of their profession and many dealt with unfathomable struggles to do so, I will never criticize an athlete for chasing the money so long as they know the risks that come with it. For example, Chris Paul in Houston.

chris paul

CP3 recently agreed to a 4 year, $160 million dollar contract which again, I’m completely supportive of because Chris Paul is a smart guy and I’m almost positive he understands the affects of Houston giving him such a massive contract which we’ve already unfortunately seen.

The Rockets have already lost key three and D swing-man Trevor Ariza to the Suns, are likely to lose Clint Capela as well, and they lost out on the Lebron James sweepstakes.

The CP3/Houston situation is a prime example of what affects chasing the money can create for or against your team. Now, lets look at the Warriors and the model that they’ve followed which is the “Accept less money to add pieces and win multiple titles” business model.

Throughout the years of the Warriors dynasty several of their key players have taken less money in hopes winning more and more championships. Kevin Durant has accepted two minimal contracts in hopes of not only retaining the talent they already have but also bringing some in.

Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have also bought into this business model as well and its proven effective. 3 rings in 4 years and you can book it that with the addition of Cousins that number will increase to 4 in 5 years.

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors

I say all of that to say this, I’m tired of these athletes and teams complaining about the Golden State Warriors. I’ll be the first one to admit it, just as a fan of the game I hate the lack of competition that’s been displayed against this team, but stepping back as a journalist and not as a fan, it makes sense for them to do this.

The fact of the matter is that the Warriors should show no mercy against the league, it’s not their job to make it fair, or to balance competition, or protect anyone else’s feelings in the process. However the responsibility is on the rest of the league to follow suit and beat them at their own game. No more complaining about how unfair this, no more stunned tweets, the time is now step up and do the same damn thing.

Agree to play in one place, take less money, and go take these guys out if you’re really serious about hating what they’ve done to the league. But if you’re not willing to take less money or harm some of your individual numbers in hopes of bringing those guys down then please, save your tears because it’s obvious you don’t care that much.

The time is now, this is unlike any dynasty we’ve ever seen before. All of these guys are young and in the prime of their careers and they don’t care about their individual numbers or the money. Take charge, figure out whats important to you, and be leaders. Otherwise the Warriors will just be the modern age Bill Russell led Celtics and you did nothing besides complain to stop it.

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