“Horns & Halos” Music Review

Not only does this music project provide uplifting lyrics with an incredible production that offers praise, but also illustrates spiritual faith, life-changing altertations, and self-reflection. K. Fire blesses us listeners with her debut LP, Horns and Halos.

Horns and Halos introduces the battling theme of good and evil/angels versus demons as the young music artist locates balance, after allowing christ to enter her life. Within the Detroit artist lyrics, K. Fire struggles with her family not believing in her goals, which results in the repercussions of her seeking approval through the different types of males she’s encounted. As society hurdles negativity, K. Fire stumbles upon the situations that were never resolved within herself. Now she’s focused on her faults and making her weaknesses her strengths. The varied, production was mostly done by Throne Muzik, with additional production from Ravo, and Verbatum. These instrumentals were fully compelling, powerful, and enjoyably solid. One of the tracks that stood out to my ears was titled Grateful. This track urges us to have a spirit of gratitude, with appreciation of it all, no matter the negative or positive. This track also offers assistance in reflection on what God has done for ones life.The absolute best part about Horns and Halos was that there wasn’t a single usuage of profanity within her lyrics, and that’s truly a rarity in the music genre of hip-hop. Structured so well, Horns and Halos proposed soulful features from Gerard Brooks and Paris Simone that set the tone for the album and an amazing verse from Lance Hitch on the track titled, Crown, K. Fire’s delivery was extremely eloquent, which gave a confident approach towards all ten tracks, making this LP a classic hip-hop album. Be sure to check out K. Fire’s debut album Horns and Halos on ITunes, Google Play, and Spotify. Links provided below.

“Why They Hatin’ On Me? They Even Hated On Jesus…”

Horns & Halos Links:

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/horns-halos/1392379739

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Kfire_Horns_Halos?id=Biutibbcelkeybsobsiu7eajnpi

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7Mu7IcmLsUuhT8H2ZgN88s

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