Get to Know divinchi with his new EP, “See You In My Dreams”

If you’ve been reading my music reviews thus far, I love ya, thank you. Being able to get hip to new, up and coming music artist is a blessing. As of lately, I’ve been really enjoying SoundCloud. Earlier today I located 23 -year-old music artist, divinchi as he discusses everday life issues such as depression, anxiety and his peers with his EP, See You In My Dreams.

With an eclectic production done by Scotty Banx, See You In My Dreams discusses the ever lasting battle of life by trying to identify and define happiness within self, all while coping with depression, anxiety, and loved ones. Although the Baltimore, MD. artist has been through a lot, divinchi provides us listeners with an ominous, baleful approach throughout the EP beginning with his first track Hope. Hope is accompanied with strident vocals that relates to anyone with a vision that he/she can only visualize when no one else could, and when the support is lacked, it discourages the planner. On the track titled “3”, divinchi drags his vocals over a susurrus beat that opens up about the overwhelmness of life. Not being able to sleep through the night and having a loss of appetite without drugs. While the track Rain provides an up beat, bouncing melody that brings clarity to See You In My Dreams, with uplifting lyrics of hope and success; visualizing better and brighter days since this EP derives from a dark place. The structure of the EP was well put together, molding it to be very relatable and commercially attractive. Check out divinchi’s EP, See You In My Dreams on SoundCloud, link provided below!

“Me and all my close friends have learned a lot and have matured through trial and error. After the EP finalized, I was able to be in a positive space. All blessings are happening for my friends and family. We’re trying to get even higher and better, so I just been developing my skills and getting better, learning from my friends and growing.” – divinchi

See You In My Dreams:

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