T1P12 Is Not Your Average Beat Maker!

First and foremost I want to address that SoundCloud is one of the major alternatives to discovering new music artist and producers alike. Scrolling through SoundCloud on a late night, I stumbled upon this eighteen year old producer from Baltimore with a phenomenal variety of beats that will catch anyones attention within the first thirty seconds of his instrumentals. Welcoming Tip Twelve to your ears.

T1P12, the producer, was born at the age of twleve (hence his stage name) concocting beats on iPod that were later transferred to his mashcine and FL on the computer until the young age of fourteen. Now In these past six years, T1P12 has gotten even better by continuing to manufacture futute beats to the listeners liking. T1P12 style is unexplainable, his instrumentals reflect his mood which makes his style versatile. The Baltimore producer’s drum kicks are the engine starters for his beats, and without those, his beats wouldn’t knock as hard as they do. Being in tune with the basses, T1P12 can compose a melody that provides the listener with a splendid vibe, giving the listeners the physical feel of the vibrations within his beats. His instrumentals create new sound textures, adding different percussions and basslines as you thoroughly listen straight through. When ever you obtain the opportunity, click the link provided below to listen to the young poducers beats and let him know what you think! T1P12 beats are attractive, alluring, and replayable for futrure song writers. Check out T1P12 beats on SoundCloud, don’t allow your ears to miss out on something great, find out why T1P12 is not your average beat maker!


Is That Tip Twelve?”

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