“Next Check” Single Review

New York native, Rob Markman releases yet another astonishing track following his recent song releases of “Long Flight Home” and “Boring” ft. Wave Matthews. Markman acquired two great guest features for this track, reminding listeners of what that classic New York hip-hop sound is all about. Rob Markman presents us listeners with his new single, “Next Check”.

The production done by Noc samples a godly melody over heavy, mid-tempo drums as Rob Markman sets the tone for the legendary wordsmith, Styles P and up and coming artist, Cris Streetz. The wordplay was greatly noticed between all three music artists. Honing his rap skills, Rob Markman doesn’t disappoint while delivering bar after bar, with an impressive verse and hook that excites the listener to play the single back a minute and a half into the song, before even engaging with the second verse. The G.O.A.T., Styles P dropping a lyrical second verse, making a checklist on how to gain that “Next Check”. Lastly, Cris Streetz generating a tenacious verse with much deliverance and poise within his lyrics; leaving a lasting impression in my ears for future music searches from this artist. Rob Markman provides an intense, headbangin’ single, merging along two New York’s emcees that supply three hard-hitting, potent verses with a heavy arsenal of wordplay and cadence. “Next Check” greatly discusses the active power moves being made to accumulate that next million; simply allowing your money to make money for you all while enjoying it because at the end of the day, it’s just a green piece of paper. Check out Rob Markman’s new single, “Next Check” on SoundCloud! Link provided below.

“Next Check”


“Tryna Paint A Picture, Only Got Two Poses, The Poblo Cut, With A Part Like Moses. Walk With My Team In A Sea Full Of Posers, Offset The Flow, My Migos For The Culture. Dropped Write To Dream, Now The Dream Gettin Closer!”

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