Queen Roe Came With The Heat On These Tracks!

Being an independent artist since her departure from Taylor Gang in 2013, and recently wrapping up E!’s reality television series, The Platinum life, Queen Roe (Lola Monroe) has been pushing her music label, Blue Rose Dynasty by providing visuals for her 2017 song releases Grime, which was directed in Minnesota by Jake Handegard from Morningside Films, and Muva, directed by Condido Verona. These videos are a must see, already racking up a total of 10k views for Grime and 107k views for Muva on YouTube. Here’s why you shouldn’t sleep on these Queen Roe!

Produced by TrackBangaz, Queen Roe’s visuals for Grime showcase two beautiful women, setting a man up at gun point to take his vehicle as they collect his cash in the process while Monroe greatly raps in front of orange Ferrari 488 GTB. This symbolizes Queen Roe’s strategic plan to accomplish her pursuit in the music industry on Grime, I myself felt it was a play on words for the word “Grind” which represents the hustle and hardworking strive of an up and coming artist. The freestyle track, Muva, addresses Monroe birthing other aspiring female hip hop artists who seem to have misplaced their respect, making Queen Roe put a belt to their asses, with her lyrical content of course. Beyond these visuals, the habesha emcee’s lyrical direction and vocal delivery are quite compelling. Not only does Roe’s voice capture you with her gutter, aggresive tone, but the bars and her rhyme scheme are potent enough for an everlasting attachment. Grime and Muva are two highly listenable tracks that excites and alerts listeners to look forward to future music from Miss Monroe. If you’re a true fan of the hip-hop music genre, then these tracks should be apart of your playlist. Keep it coming Queen Roe! Special thank you to Prophet Amen Ra, who is head of business development for Blue Rose Dynasty that alerted my ears to these incredible singles. Check out the visuals for Queen Roe’s latest tracks Grime and Muva, and anticipate her upcoming project, All Hail The Queen coming soon! YouTube Links provided below for the visuals for the Muva and Grime.

“Used To Look Out For These Bitches, Now I Look Out For These Bitches. They’ve Been Grillin’ Like They Want This Beef, Cookout On These Chickens…”




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