Anderson’s own Skully drops his EP It’s Up There

Skully has come a long way from his first mixtape It’s on me Now, which consisted of him pouring his emotions into a project dedicated to his late cousin/brother Jugg Money. That project was his way of reintroducing himself after he took some time off from rapping, believing it really wasn’t for him. Jugg Money was one of a kind, and I could see why he felt that way, but his break to find himself was more than necessary; it was a blessing. He has embodied Jugg in a way that still makes him, him.

All of his best songs come straight from his gut. It’s Up There is by far the best release of his career. It’s more melodic and more focused; fiercer and more playful; funnier. This EP is Skully realizing his talent and enjoying his wave. The six-track playlist gives you just enough Skully to become anxious for the album. His two features definitely didn’t slack, either. Skully enlisted hip-hop sensation Lil Baby on “Wit the Action” and Carolina’s own Da Baby on “I Shoulda Told Ya.”

The intro. to all musical projects sets the tone for the entire production, and honestly, this project’s self-titled single might just be the best song on the album. Yeah, I’m saying his INTRO. song is worthy of being the HOTTEST song on the EP. Skully has single-handedly created his own sound, and his music is relatable. It’s his real life, and we are currently in the era that fans of music are asking for real raps to come back.

It’s Up There is also probably the best pure rap release of the first quarter of the year, and the best part of it all is that a locally famous rapper can make a great EP for a wider audience without getting lost in a corporate world. IMG_5419

His music scans gangsta rap, but then, he puts in lines like: “They say pressure bust pipes / she feels like you cheated on her twice / we wasn’t together if anything happens but that still dont make it right / we been on and off for some years now / guess the dark time beat the light, my feelings hurt on sight / if I see her with him imma lose it, then I just turn to the music / let me ease my mind with the pressure, got me feeling depressed.” The line zeroes in on something important about Skully. In his personal life, he seems like this nonchalant, carefree guy, but on record, he is not just vulnerable, but tender, which can possibly put him in the position to crossover into pop music.

Not only is he family, but I’m also a fan of his grind and his music. This is only the beginning, Skull. IT IS MOST DEFINITELY UP THERE!

“It’s Up There” video out NOW!


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