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The long-anticipated album Invasion of Privacy by Cardi B

“I started speakin’ my mind and tripled my views / Real bitch, only thing fake is the boobs / Get money, go hard, you’re mothafuckin’ right / Never been a fraud in my mothafuckin’ life / Get money, go hard, damn fuckin’ right / Stunt on these bitches out of mothafuckin’ spite / Ain’t no runnin’ up on me, went from nothin’ to glory / I ain’t tellin’ y’all to do it, I’m just tellin’ my story” (from the song “Get Up 10”).

Cardi B’s intro. came in like Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares.” I even thought I would hear the “hold on, wait a minute” line. Lasting just under 50 minutes, Cardi B gave us her all and then some on this album, shutting the non-believers up and causing her fans to go nuts. In less than 24 hours, it was certified gold by the RIAA. Rags to riches. Invasion of Privacy is really dope. My review comes days later because I honestly have been a fan of her music and wanted to really enjoy the LP before making my comments, so I wrote down my thoughts as the songs played. Out of the 13 tracks, she gives us eight features (if you count the Migos as one). Now, I personally would’ve liked more of just her, but her features show her versatility. She’s singing, she’s gangsta, she’s baring it all, and she has some hits on her hands.

Just when I say, “Okay, Cardi B,” I get to number 7 “I Like It,” and I then understand her own hype for herself. Sampling the classic and legend Ricky Martin’s “I Like It Like That” was pure genius, while showing off her descent. I don’t care what race you are, you remember “I Like It Like That,” and adding the bass and snares in the background will set a wedding reception off! I will go ahead and say that, that’s the DOPEST SONG ON THIS ALBUM.

Invasion of Privacy is a self-congratulatory album. She remains Cardi throughout the whole album. The self-expression “tell it how it is” persona bleeds through the entire album. Some questioned if she could do it, since they felt like she was biting the Migos’ style on “Bartier Cardi,” and she’s proving on each track that she’s here to stay. She has what we call a “no-skip” CD.

As a member of #BardiGang, I am pleased to say that Cardi came into the game and SHOOK it beyond belief.

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