20 Of The Best Songs Named After NBA Players

One of the most interesting seasons in the NBA is coming to a close. With a crazy off-season, a few unexpected rookie talents ermerging, and a playoff ranking that not many expected, there still holds one truth—The NBA and Hip-Hop are synonomous in many ways. Through the years, many rappers have taken the time out to dedicate songs specifically for NBA stars. Though this is not a ranking, here are still 20 of the best songs named after NBA stars.

24/23 (Kobe, Lebron) – Young Jeezy

Young Jeezywas on another level with this track. This track was in the middle of his continuous beef with Gucci Mane. He threw shots in the first verse saying, “I’m on my Louie sh*t today, f*ck some Gucci Mane,” “Can’t keep their lips close, they worse than Gucci’s mane,” and “Tell ’em this ain’t what they want, not the boy snow. But between me and you, I think the boy slow.” He even went at Gucci Mane’s label mate at the time, OJ The Juiceman. Jeezy had a diss track that was a club banger, radio hit, and touched many fans with his sports reference.

Kyrie – Rick Ross

This is nothing less than what you would expect from Rick Ross, which is Boss music. Using many basketball references to exemplify his status as exactly that. “Work jumping out the gym like LeBron James,” and “I’m standing out the roof, jersey Kyrie Irving.”

Lebron James – Yo Gotti

“I’m Lebron James, you a f*cking rookie.” Yo Gottistamps himself as a vet in the trap game with this track. Showing off his riches through his lyrics and letting it be known that he’s been doing this for a long time and is, if I had to say so, is fairly good at it comparing himself to Lebron James.

F*ck Kevin Durant – Lil B

Before Kevin Durantjoined the Golden State Warriors, he and Lil B had a long standing beef after Kevin Durant said he didn’t know who Lil B was and called his music wack. Lil B became infamous in the NBA by cursing certain players from reaching their full potential, and Kevin Durant was a victim after Lil B cursed him from ever winning a championship. The beef lead to a 1 on 1 challenge, and this diss track towards KD. Since then, though, Lil B has lifted the BasedGod Curse, and KD now has a NBA Championship under his belt.

Derrick Rose – Meek Mill

This is the early Meek Millthat every one of his fans truly fell in love with. Meek was on his way up and let it be known that were he was in life, was a good space. “I’m balling on these n*ggas like I’m Derrick Rose,” in the chorus shows just that, along with, in the first verse, “They looking at my wrist, like is he signed yet?”

Kobe – Chief Keef

Chief Keefwas killing the game at 16 and 17 years old, peaking at a very young age, and setting the standard for many other young artists to come after him. “Kobe” was a track that stood out on his debut album, Finally Rich. Keef’s hook for Kobe is multiple reference to Kobe Bryant’s game as a NBA Player.

Kobe Bryant – Lil Wayne

“He the greatest on the court, and I’m the greatest on the verse.” That line accurately depicted where the two were in their careers. Lil Wayne was the undisputed, “Best Rapper Alive” and Kobe Bryantwas the best player in the NBA at the time. Kobe Bryant was going for his 4th ring, and eventually would get that plus a 5th. Anybody who grew up during this era can mark this song as hallmark to your life.

Dennis Rodman – Migos Ft. Gucci Mane

Young Rich Nation began the Migosfirst run at fame, and this song was their co-sign from Atlanta legend, Gucci Mane. Dennis Rodman was a very colorful player in the NBA, which Gucci and Migos showcase in this song. “She changed her hair again, oww Dennis Rodman.”

Melo – Lil Snupe

Lil Snupe was on the way to being a star, and “Melo” was his hit single to stamp that in the hip-hop world. Snupe, was rising from a small town in Louisiana and was close to being in the industry before his life was taken away from him. “Just a n*gga from the ghetto, but now I’m in the game and I’m balling like I’m Melo.”

John Wall – Shy Glizzy ft. Lil Mouse

In 2014, John Wall began to enter his prime in the NBA. DC Natives, Shy Glizzy and Lil Mouse connected together to praise how they both are “ballin’ like John Wall.” 2014, John Wall made his first NBA All-Star appearance and also won the dunk contest. It was only right Lil Mouse and Shy Glizzy show love to D.C. with this track.

John Wall – Troop 41

John Wall was a fun player to watch on and off the court in college and his earlier years in the NBA. He made so a mark during his pregame rituals doing the “Dougie” that a signature move became a full dance along with a song to match. Troop 41 had the entire nation flexing just like John Wall.

Reggie Miller – Lil B

“SWAG TO THE TENTH SO THEY CALL ME REGGIE MILLER.” Lil B was on a crazy run during this time, dropping tape after tape after tape after tape…after tape. Lil B is a huge basketball and sports fan so this is another nod on his tracks named after sports figures.

Scottie Pippen – Curren$y ft. Freddie Gibbs

This song wasn’t exactly about Scottie Pippen, but it was a really good songs with two really dope MCs. The song was named after Pippen because of the stand out line by Curren$y, “Mama Mai-Tai sippin, she likes a square n*gga but she tryin’ something different. Windy City Bulls, Mitchell & Ness wool jackets, some sweats and Scottie Pippens.”

Worthy & Irving – Gucci Mane ft. Yo Gotti

Gucci Mane was obviously into the NBA huge at this time, naming his entire project Wilt Chamberlain Part Two. It is typical for lots of trap rappers to use athletes to describe their work in the streets. Gucci says in the hook, “Call that pack that James Worthy. Zone 6, Julius Irving.” This is a street classic for anyone who is a true fan of Gucci Mane or Yo Gotti.

Kyrie Irving – Lil Cray

This tracks helped make Lil Cray a viral sensation after a vine broke out of a lil kid reciting his lyrics and dancing with nothing but his underwear on. Lil Cray took advantage of this and began to solidify his name as an upcoming artist in the rap game.

Steph – Lil Bibby

With drill music being a staple in Chicago, and Steph Curry being known for his shooting ability, it was only right that someone like Lil Bibby make a song named after the sharpshooter. Steph’s shooting ability is showcased throughout the hook with Bibby saying, “I got aim b*tch I’m steph. Long rang b*tch I’m Steph.”

White Iverson – Post Malone

White Iverson is an ode to the crossover king Allen Iverson. This track put Post Malone over the top and into the mainstream public’s eyes. Many thought he would be a one hit wonder after this track but he has proved differently since.

Michael Jordan – Kendrick Lamar ft. Schoolboy Q

Kendrick Lamar showed the obvious Lil Wayne influence in this song. This was released early in K.Dot’s career and helped to show versatility in his rapping style. He and Schoolboy Q let the world know they could stick together with no problem.

Michael Jordan – Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert was just on his rise to fame during the time of the release of Michael Jordan.The track went under the radar but held the bounce that Lil Uzi has in majority of his songs. Uzi stamped himself as the greatest, comparing himself to who holds the crown in basketball today.

KD – Dave East

“Trey pound, that’s a KD.” Dave East throughout the song threw many metaphors related to Kevin Durant, rather is be drugs, shooting, making a play or more. Dave East is becoming one of the most well known lyricist in the game but didn’t just get his start at being a great.

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  1. these are like, say, romantic love songs ? “he can fly, he can touch the sky , blah, blah”….
    there is really a sport song, something almost like a chant : “Nurk Fever” by Dubioza Kolektiv
    much better and somehow more appropriate, don’t you think ?

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