“Amala” Music Review

The twenty-two year old music artist from Los Angeles gave us listeners a sneak peek of her new album by introducing two new, enriching singles titled Roll With Us, which premiered on February first, racking up over a million streams on Spotify within two months and Go To Town which was attached with visuals on March ninth. Doja Cat invites us into her cat mansion with her debut album, Amala.

Amala being the name she was blessed with by her parents, Doja Cat delivers her debut album embodied with happiness and freedom of a person when it relates to the way she loves, has been loved, combined with her spontaneous personality. Amala is hip-hop/pop mixed with hypnotizing vocals that offers a vibe of confidence, evoking positive movement within the body as we listen, making the album enjoyable and playable straight through. The production is amazing. Providing a variety of high and low tempo beats to fit whatever music mood you’re in, as Doja Cat’s cadence vocally enhances the production for every track. Special shout out to Tizhimself, The Arcade, Yeti Beats, Rogét Chahayed, TroyNoKA, Cambo, Budo, Adrian X, Alizzz, and NealHPogue for the phenomenal mixing. Tracks such as Cookie Jar, Go To Town, Game and Fancy supply an upbeat tone with promising wordplay in Doja’s delivery and flow. While other tracks such as Wine Pon You featuring Konshens, Wild Beach, and Roll With Us demonstrate a more dulcet tone, encapsulated with well-rounded, mellifluous hooks and vibrant bridges. If you haven’t obtained the opportunity to listen yet, check out Doja Cat’s highly anticipated debut album and find out why she’s the alpha cat. Purchase and stream Amala on all digital streaming services.

Click the link provided below for the music video Go To Town.

Go To Town:

“You Could Never Find Me Lost, And I Bet You The Boss, But Baby I’m Bossy, Used To Be Daughter, They Call Me Mother Now. Treatin’ Me Like No Other, Swag Underwater, Bread In The Butter Now…”

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