Chris Buxton | Talks Fortnite, Chris Buxton vs Josh Reid, and more

The Suburban Popstar sits down with Jetlag TV for this exclusive interview.

Rock Hill, South Carolina native, Chris Buxton, connected with Maya Williams at Jetlag TV to dive into his music and personal life. Chris Buxton, who’s real name is Josh Reid, talks about the difference between the two identities stating that Chris Buxton is the suave persona, while Josh Reid is the guy you would want to learn from.

Chris also talked to us about his first time performing and rocking the stage at the Break Away Fest. Chris Buxton takes pride in having the ability to display a radiant energy for the crowd to feel while he’s performing.

On top of that, Chris Buxton speaks on playing the popular video game Fortnite, reaching over 1 million streams, and more. Watch the full interview below.

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