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Anderson’s own Fooly’s private listening session


Straight out of Anderson, SC, my guy Fooly dropped a Dutch Masters inspired project 3 Pack earlier this month. Recently featured in the line-up at SXSW last week, he comes home still on this wave and taking advantage of the momentum. Fooly’s greatest strengths when he released 3 Pack were his flow, his charm, and the variety of his subject matter. Last night, at his private listening session at Crossfade Studios in Atlanta, he explained the concept behind the project and the names of the songs. Every single released for Dutch Masters was produced by hometown producers, which is the secret weapon when Fooly drops anything. He always reaches back to home.

“Sweet Green (The Breakdown)” prod. x Lil Voe:
Smoker’s choice is my reference to this track because it reminds me of Chevy Woods’ music — that light a tree and just vibe music. “’Breakdown’ is solely about breaking down tree with a female.” “The Breakdown” being the first song on 3 Pack presents the Sweet Green flavor of the dutches.

“Cognac & Wine (Herr)” prod. x Kicstan:
Describing this track, Fooly says that “[it] is talking about a want for this particular type of woman. I like my women brown, and it’s liquor preference and woman age like wine. The flavor of dutches is Cognac & Wine is symbolizing a female and I.” Produced by another Anderson native KicStan, it speeds up the vibe on this 3 Pack project. The beat, itself, is insane and shows the creativity of this young producer. He and Fooly together are insane at this point.

“De Luxe (Payroll)” prod. x Suave Beatz:
“Payroll means exactly what it says — payment, cash — and I want it to give you the spirit of getting money.” In the song’s hook, Fooly raps, “Let me teach you all kind of ways to get paid, I can show you how to get paid.”

There’s something GREAT about finding music that captures your attention before the visual. Being able to listen to the music and experience it on an entirely different level without relations to what he’s rapping about, but still finding the need to want to KNOW. Oddly enough, his style matches the vibe the music gives off.

Fooly stated at the session that most of his new music was made in Nashville, Cashville. After listening to his new music, I can say that there’s nobody in this lane. It’s untouched. He has a  track called “Super Slimey” produced by, yet again, KicStan, that is UNHEARD in this industry. It’s what the industry needs and has been missing.  He played several bangers that I can’t wait for him and his team to release. It was just dope to be in the room and watch people take a liking to such a talented person. Fooly has remained the same. If you’re not a fan of Dutch Masters, this 3 Pack might change your mind with the smooth tunes Fooly gives us.

As his career progresses, I’m honored to be along the journey as a friend and FAN. Based on the production alone, Fooly has the potential to be the definition of southern rap, bringing back the weirdness that Andre 3000 brought to Outkast, that B.o.B brought to Atlanta, and what made Mississippi’s own Big K.R.I.T. brought to the underground lane. His sound is beyond unique, making him seem like an alien from outer space invading the industry. Just follow the movement and understand that the rap game will shift soon.

We gone be up in a minute.

Below, you can catch the vibes with his latest visual to “The Breakdown”:

It’s a Fooly World and 3 Pack can be streamed via Fooly’s SoundCloud:


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