“Brat Mail” Mixtape Review

Celebrating her birthday with her Brat Fans, the twentey-six year old music artist releases an audio project that incorporates a Detroit rap style that’s truly bold, radient and ravenous. Finally relieving herself from her previous contract, Kash Doll blesses us listeners with her long-awaited, highly anticipated mixtape, Brat Mail.

Brat Mail is a great music project that flaunts Kash Doll’s highly priced lifestyle, as she talks heavy cash shit by enjoying the finer things and being able to regulate her enriching way of living. This allows us listeners in on a more in depth perspective to understanding Kash Doll on an intimate level as a recording artist. Certain tracks such as the Intro, Fastest Route, and Dancinproposes one to two short, perfectly polished verses, that come equipped with Kash Doll’s pleasing, abrupt punchlines that brought elegance to every bar; making these tracks short but extremely satisfying. This 22-minute mixtape, not only demonstrates the talent when discussing bars in rap music, but the Detroit artist has proven that she has potential to become top teir in the rap industry with her fellow male emcees; Kash lyrically demonstrates this on Big Sean’sSo Good” from his lastest music release, “Double or Nothing“. With production from Zaytoven, Jay Manifest, Big Fraze, Kyrex, and G. Money Baby, and with mixing and mastering from Matt Anthony and Kori Andres, plus two features from Scrilla and harmonic vocals from Natasha Mosely, Kash Doll lives up to her name, repeating it throughout Brat Mail to reiterate the significance of what she’s about. Brat Mail is aesthetically pleasing, glamorous and highly recommended; must listen! Happy Birthday Young G.O.A.T! Check out Kash Doll’s 2018 birthday gift to her fans, Brat Mail. Purchase and download Brat Mail on all digital streaming services!

“My City Watching. I’m So Humble, I’ma Front Like I Don’t Do This Often. It’s Kash Doll, Bow Down, and Kiss The Ring. Soon As This Paperwork Done I’m Touching Everything, A Murder Scene”

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