Blacc Zacc delivers new mixtape “New Blacc City”

Columbia, S.C.’s Blacc Zacc…

Is claiming his place in the hip-hop industry and making it his own with his newest project New Blacc City. This mixtape is definitely one of the most intriguing that I’ve heard in a while. Dropped on the 27th anniversary of the debut of “New Jack City” in theaters (March 8th,1991), it comes exactly four months after his last project. New Blacc City is well laid out using the movie’s specifics efficiently, and the added snippets from the movie were perfectly tuned. The delivery of the album comes correct with an A+.

I listened to the single “The Carter” a couple of days ago, and I wasn’t convinced that this Zacc would be able to outdo his last project, High-Class Trapper. The song’s backstory is dope in itself, due to the fact that “The Carter” is the name of the famous apartments Nino Brown a.k.a. Nicky Barnes ran. Zacc’s storytelling fits right in with the history of The Carter. He raps, “My trap house like The Carter, yeah. Secret service for my shooters, ain’t worrying about no robbers, yeah.” If you remember the movie, then while listening to this song, you can visualize how secured the building was. Next up is the track “Nino Brown (Something Fishy),” and this is when I realized that he really knows his craft. It’s the dopest song on the project, which makes it so easy to get on with. You might catch yourself singing and nodding along with the catchy hook, “Something fishy going on. I’m hearing static in my phone. These n***** singing like a song, something fishy going on. All these n***** coming home. Man, I thought your time was long.”

Without drowning the project in features, Zacc has shown that he’s a talented rapper whose willpower is propelled by his talent and confident style of music. Only two of the nine songs on the project include features, ensuring the focus remains on Zacc’s wordplay.

Blacc Zacc proves with the album that he can go with a storyline and still remain true to self and relate his real-life experiences to legends in the game. I got the vibe from this project that he’s stating to the industry that it’s his movement or no movement at all. Just the concept of who Nino Brown was to that era is the statement being made about Zacc and his team (DME). Never speaking about what he hasn’t done and, above all, his style of rap on this album is infectious.

I can say that I’ve been listening to upcoming artists from South Carolina, and he is definitely in the number of those bringing back optimism to hip-hop. If you were a fan of New Jack City, you’ll love listening to the album and relating it to the scenes. This mixtape has a sonorous beat and drives home the point effortlessly. We know it’s all about the good vibes, the beat, the message, and what the audience felt while taking a listen to the entire project.


New Blacc City is out on all musical platforms. Listen below.

New Blacc City


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