Upstate Uncut: Pressure ENT.

Ennvision and Jetlag TV deliver the second episode of Upstate Uncut. 

Pressure Ent. gets treatment to star in the newest Upstate Uncut. We discuss the orgins of Stackboys 864, Dammy 864, and Luck, who make up the conglomerate of Pressure Ent.

Pressure Ent. begins with the formation of Stackboys 864 who were the first to take on music in the group. Luck and Dammy 864 join in later on after Zabo Gotti joins Stackboys 864 on their hit “Hell or Heaven.” During this time, Luck and Jordan of Stackboys 864 became acquainted with each other.

Watch this rendition of Upstate Uncut to be informed on the Spartanburg super group, Pressure Ent.

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