Check Out Ondre Versi’s Visuals for “No Prada”

One Day My Bones Will Be Buried With Gold, My Wrist Stay So Cold And My Neck Stay So Froze. I’m Gettin’ Older And Times Gettin’ Harder. No Devil Inside You, You Wear No Prada”

Greately directed and edited by Toronto native, Harrison Bond, viewers obtain a glimpse of a rising Toronto artist Ondre Versi as he graces us with visuals for his new track, No Prada. Viewing the visuals for No Prada, as the night progresses, Jasmine Jean’s portrayal of a good and bad girl display a woman showcasing her romance with a public display of affection and laughter, but as the camera turns, Jasmine Jean starts to display the bad side. Joining him in the bed, adding provocative dance moves that concludes in her snatching and counting his money, while staring at his gold chains. The melodic low tempo production from OndreVVS is calibrated perfectly to sync with Ondre Versi’s repetitive ghostly and dreamy lyrics and vocals. The visuals for No Prada are well-rounded and emotionally-rich, making this track highly listenable. It also offers listeners a look into the new artist that’s coming out of the Toronto music scene. Check out the visuals for Ondre Versi’s new track No Prada! Link provided below!

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