Hold your criticism; Tom Brady is still the GOAT

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lost Superbowl 52 to the Philadelphia Eagles led by backup QB Nick Foles who soared over the Belicheck led defense the entire night. The Patriots may have lost but make no mistake about it, the GOAT should receive zero blame for this one.Since the outcome of last nights game I’ve seen a million memes poking fun at Brady’s third loss in the super-bowl and the only thing i’m reminded of is just how impossible it is for people to replace their emotion with logic and common sense as they discuss sports.

I don’t care who you’re a fan of or how much you hate New England, it’s blasphemous to judge the outcome of last nights game and place the blame squarely on Brady’s shoulders. And it’s equally blasphemous to diminish his status as the greatest quarterback who ever lived especially after his all time great performance last night.


The biggest person or entity to blame for the Patriots loss last night needs to be shouldered by the New England defense as a whole. Giving up 373 yards and three touchdowns to a backup quarterback is inexcusable and Bill Belichick deserves some blame for this well. He made the switch to have Stephon Gilmore cover Alshon Jeffery too late into the game. The USC alum carved up New England’s secondary the entire first half but was a no show once Belichick finally made the switch in the second half.

But by then it was too late, the damage was already done and the Eagles and Nick Foles had a rhythm that they would uphold throughout the entirety of the game.

Now correct me if i’m wrong, but does Tom Brady play defense? If so i’ll throw this whole article in the trash folder and retire my career as a journalist before it even begins, I’m serious.

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If your only takeaway from last night’s game is that Brady and the Patriot dynasty took a L, you’re emotional and you can only discuss sports on an elementary level. 505 yards, three touchdowns, and a QB rating of 115.4 speaks for itself and if the defense holds up, we’re calling that the greatest performance ever by a quarterback, period.

Five rings, four Superbowl MVPs, three regular season MVPs (one of which gave him the distinction of the oldest MVP winner in league history for QBs) and top four in every major statistical category for quarterbacks. Superbowl 52 didn’t put a dent in Brady’s legacy but instead, enhanced it. And objective fan of football will understand that as well.

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