Lebron to Golden State: Are you serious?

The Golden State Warriors sign four time MVP Lebron James in the 2018 free agency period, and as crazy as this sounds, its possible that this could happen. The sports world stopped for a few hours when a report published that Lebron is open to FA talks with the defending champions.

In order to do this Golden State’s front office would have to trade Klay Thompson and presumably Andre Igouodala as well to clear space for a max slot for the aging superstar.

Fans are writing this idea off as impossible and I’m not quite understanding why. If there’s anything that even an avid sports fan should know is that sports are almost always unpredictable. I remember once upon a time I believed there was no way Lebron would leave Cleveland for Miami and he did…I also never believed Kevin Durant would leave OKC for Golden State and well… he did. Nothing is a guarantee in sports, and nothing indicates that this situation is any different.


Now, do I believe this should happen? For Lebron, of course. As I’ve already stated in previous articles the name of the game is rings and to win a lot of them in the process. No one will care how you won your rings, just that you won them, so yes Lebron should absolutely go to Golden State and he should take the least money possible so they don’t have to let go of Iggy and Klay in the process.

Now if you’re asking me if Golden State should do this, I’ll give you an emphatic hell no! There’s absolutely no reason for the Warriors to make this deal if you have to give up Klay in the process. Klay is younger, a better defender, a better shooter, and a better fit to your team than Lebron is at this stage of his career. You’ve won two of the last three championships and you would’ve three-peated had Draymond not been suspended for game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals. You’re the defending champs with the best record in the league right now, well on your way to repeating and if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it, period.

Your team chemistry is nearly perfect and your team plays basketball like Future writes poetry, its beautiful and there’s no need to risk a good thing.

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